We realise you work to live, not live to work. The long-term wellbeing of our employees is paramount and we’ve fostered an environment that provides a better balance in your life.

This comes with awareness and knowledge programs such as trainings on stress management, on physical energy management, on time pressure handling and similar, but also with specific events and programs created to ensure high flexibility within the work environment and effectiveness of work and personal time.

The long–term wellbeing of our employees is paramount, so we’ve fostered an environment that, we feel, provides a better work balance for our employees. P&G offers a wide range of awareness/knowledge programmes and training courses: Energy Management for Full Engagement, Effective Business Writing, Improving Your Personal Leadership, Corporate Athlete (to name a few) but we also regularly schedule specific events and tailor programmes to ensure that each of our employees has a good balance of work vs personal time. We work to live, not live to work, right?

We consider that the interests of the company and individual are inseparable, which is why we offer P&G employees a number of working arrangements. Our unique, flexible working arrangements mean that a career at P&G can develop around the various commitments you may experience throughout the different times in your life, like becoming a new parent, for example! By offering everything from location free roles, flexible start and finish times and the option to take a 3-month (unpaid) sabbatical break later in your career, we think that our employees can achieve a good work-life balance. Here’s a flavour of some of our Flexible Working arrangements:

Working from Home

P&G employees have the flexibility to work from home, and an increasing number of us are enjoying the benefit of working from home, as and when we need to. We think this helps to balance both business and personal life.

Location free roles

A number of location-free assignments are available and are offered throughout Western Europe.

Reduced Work Schedule / Part time

Employees have the opportunity to work less than a full-time schedule, eg fewer days per week, or fewer hours per day.

Personal Leave of Absence (Sabbatical)

You can take up to 3 months off after your first assignment and every 7 years without pay, but with continued benefits, to pursue individual interests.

Family leave

Family Leave can be taken - up to 12 months - and means that you can look after your family and dependents when they need it most (this includes your children, partner, parent or other family relatives). Our Flexible Work Arrangements are open to all our employees and guarantee equal career development.