Frequently Asked Questions

1. What important updates to P&G’s Consumer Privacy Policy have been made?

We recently updated our Privacy Policy to:

  • Explain that information may be shared with a social media or other third-party company when a “plugin” to or “login” through that company’s platform is on a P&G website.
  • Explain the information P&G may collect through mobile devices.
  • Provide more information about interest-based advertising.
  • Allow a simpler registration process for consumers wishing to receive email communications in countries where pre-checked “sign-up” boxes for such communications are legally permitted (for example in the United States).

2. What personal information is shared with a social media or other third-party company when plugins to or login through that company’s platform is included on a P&G website?
When one of our sites has a connection or “plugin” to another company’s platform, information such as your IP address and any cookies on your device that are associated with that company may be sent to that company, even if you do not click on the plugin. An example of a plugin is the Facebook “Like” button.

Some P&G websites may allow you to login using a social network or other third-party account (such as Facebook). Your use of such login features may allow P&G to gather information from that social network or other company if you have given permission to access that information.

Additionally, the login feature may also transfer information, such as your username and password, to the third-party site or social network to authenticate you and at the same time, the third-party site may automatically collect other information about you (for example your IP address) that is linked to your use of the P&G websites.

The functionality of and your use of plugins or login features on P&G sites or applications are governed by the privacy policy and terms of the company that provided them.

3. What personal information does P&G collect through mobile devices?
P&G may collect information that you specifically provide (i.e. your name and email address) or information you authorize us to collect through a permission request you receive in our mobile application.

Additionally, some information is automatically collected through our mobile applications, such as the device’s operating system, advertising or similar ID and/or IP Address.

Our applications may also collect precise location information from your device if you have provided your consent. You can withdraw your consent by adjusting the permissions settings in your device to opt out of the collection of precise location information.

4. What is interest-based advertising?

Interest-based ads are online ads we deliver to your device using a cookie or other identifier assigned to your device. We place these identifiers in general interest categories that we infer from information such as:

  • The web pages you view and links you click on when you visit P&G websites and other websites.
  • Mobile applications you use.
  • The P&G brand emails you view and links you click in the email.
  • Demographic data.
  • Offline and online purchase data.

We have designed our interest-based advertising systems to deliver such ads to you based only on data that does not personally identify you.

You can stop receiving interest-based ads on websites by deleting and declining cookies in your web browser(s). For the U.S. and Canada, you can also visit the “Ad Choices” links on P&G websites to opt out of receiving interest-based ads on websites. In European Union countries you can visit the “About Cookies” links on P&G websites in those countries, where you can choose to opt out of receiving interest-based ads on websites. P&G will honor that choice.

Some newer mobile device operating systems allow you to limit the use of information to deliver interest-based advertising in mobile applications. You can check the settings on your device for such options in your device’s operating system.

5. Why has P&G’s Privacy Policy been changed to allow pre-checked “sign-up” boxes when I register for P&G email programs?
Pre-checking the “sign-up” box allows for an easier registration process for consumers who wish to receive email communications from P&G brands or programs. We may elect to provide you with this option where legally permitted (for example on sites in the United States).

We have removed the Policy language that previously required consumers to “opt in” to receive email communications. In countries where opt-in consent is legally required for email communications, P&G will continue to obtain opt-in consent.

6. Does the updated P&G Consumer Privacy Policy change how P&G will use or share my personal information?
P&G has in the past and will continue to use consumer personal information to help develop and improve our products and services, to send you coupons or other product information, to tailor website content and other communications to your interests and for other P&G business purposes.

P&G does not sell consumer personal information to other marketing companies.

P&G does not share consumer personal information with other marketing companies unless you consent to that sharing.

P&G does share some consumer personal information with service providers who perform business operations on our behalf.

Trust is a cornerstone of our corporate mission. Procter & Gamble is committed to maintaining your trust by protecting personal information we collect about you.

Please read the full, updated Global Consumer Privacy Policy for more information about how P&G collects, uses and protects consumer personal information.

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