Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I stop receiving email messages from a particular P&G online program?
The easiest way to unsubscribe from a P&G email program is to click on the unsubscribe link provided in the email message. If you no longer have the email message, you can send a request to unsubscribe by clicking here and selecting your country / region.

2. How can I update the contact information I provided to P&G online?
Some P&G websites provide access to view or update the contact information that you provide online. Check the website where you registered to learn if you can view or update your information there.

If the website doesn’t have this feature click here , select your country / region and learn how to access or update the contact information you provide. P&G does not charge for this service and responds to reasonable requests in an appropriate timeframe.

3. Why do P&G websites or programs ask for my birth date?
P&G does not intend to collect personal information from children. We ask for a consumer’s birth date to help ensure that we either do not collect children’s personally identifiable information, or that parental consent is obtained as required by applicable laws.

4. What personal information does P&G collect about me?
Examples of the types of personal information P&G collects about consumers include your name, address, email address, phone number, age, demographic or purchase information.

We may also collect the name you use for social media accounts and other publicly observable activity online, such as blogs and other internet postings.

5. How does P&G collect personal information about me?
P&G collects personal information about you in a variety of ways. For example, you may have provided personal information to us when registering on one of our websites to receive a newsletter, filling in a request for a coupon or sample, or calling a P&G product line. We also obtain personal information from other sources, such as commercially available sources, in the hope of reaching consumers who might be interested in our products.

6. How does P&G use my personal information?
P&G uses consumer personal information for P&G business purposes such as to develop and improve our products and services, to respond to consumer questions, to send you coupons or other product information, and to tailor website content and other communications to your interests.

7. Does P&G share my personal information with marketers outside of P&G?

  • P&G does not sell consumer personal information to other marketing companies.
  • P&G does not share consumer personal information with other marketing companies unless you consent to that sharing.
  • P&G does share some consumer personal information with service providers who perform business operations on our behalf.

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