Sustainability is about ensuring a better quality of life, now and for generation to come.

P&G does this through the products and services we offer, making these products in an environmentally responsible manner, and through our social responsibility programs that improve lives for those in need around the world.

We define sustainability broadly at P&G to include both environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


Environmental Sustainability

As part of our strategy to grow responsibly, we will work toward a long-term environmental sustainability vision that includes:

  • Powering our plants with 100% renewable energy
  • Using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging
  • Having zero consumer and manufacturing waste go to landfills
  • Designing products that delight consumers while maximizing our conservation of resources

This vision is stretching, and we believe it will take us decades to achieve.
Learn more about our approach to environmental sustainability

Social Responsibility

Live, Learn and Thrive is P&G’s corporate cause, focusing on helping children in need around the world. The programs enable children to get off to a healthy start, receive access to education and build skills for life. Since 2007, P&G has improved the lives of over 210 million children.
Learn more about our approach to social responsibility

Employees & Stakeholders

In order to deliver our environmental and social programs, we must engage our employees and stakeholders. Our objective is to equip all P&G employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their everyday work. We will also work transparently with stakeholders to enable continued freedom to innovate in a responsible way.


To show continued commitment and meaningful progress towards our long-term environmental vision and our social responsibility programs, we recently added specific ten-year goals that we will achieve by 2020. These goals are incremental to the current goals that cover the time period of 2007-2012. We will continue to report progress against all goals annually.

2020 Sustainability Goals


Replace Petroleum-Based Materials with Sustainably Sourced Renewable Materials. 25%*
>Cold Water Washing 70% of total washing machine loads
Packaging Reduction 20% (per consumer use)*
>Consumer Solid Waste Pilot studies in both developed and developing markets to understand how to eliminate landfilled/dumped consumer solid waste
*vs. 2010 baseline


Renewable Energy Powering our Plants 30%
>Manufacturing Waste < 0.5% (disposed)
>Truck Transportation Reduction 20% (km/unit of volume)*
*vs. 2010 baseline

Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program Save a life every hour*
*To reach the “Save a Life Every Hour” goal, the delivery of more than 2 billion liters of clean drinking water in developing countries every year will help save an estimated 10,000 lives and prevent 80MM days of diarrheal illness on an annual basis.

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