Improvements of Operations

Last year, we expanded our holistic approach to sustainability across our entire supply chain to include not only manufacturing and facility construction and operations, but also finished product logistics and supplier engagement.

In addition to continued improvement on conservation improvements on conversation measures and eco-smart design, we initiated projects in logistics that have created significant reductions in our transportation footprint. In May 2010, we also launched the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard and rating process to measure and improve the environment performance of our key suppliers.

Manufacturing Re-imagined

Creating the Future of Manufacturing Today

Developed in partnership with several world-renowned architectural and construction firms, P&G’s 77-Point Plan for eco-smart design and operations is considered industry-leading in its breadth and scope. To date, the plan has been used on more than 20 new sites, and will help us plan an additional 19 new manufacturing plants over the next five years.

What does it include: facility water 100% recycled, with waste water and rooftop rain water collected and treated by a state-of-art on-site water treatment plant prior to reuse. Other sustainable features include natural daylight and energy-efficient systems and equipment such as Production facilities in all of the operations that are carried out, are making a significant lasting improvements within the framework of sustainable production. In line with a holistic approach, all production stages from raw material shipment, auxiliary facilities and activities, carefully examining each step of the final product shipments and are implementing sustainability projects.


From the raw material process to the final product, we systematically invest efforts to save waste, water, energy and to reduce CO2 emissions values. These efforts are combined with improvements in construction process and smart “eco-design" used.

Optimizing Our Logistics

Finding New Ways to Move Materials and Products

We have optimized our efficiency in the logistic stage of the supply chain in making to the rate, route, mode and method of transportation. We have also focused on eliminating inefficiencies such as loading and unloading delays, rush transport up0charges, dead legs (empty trucks) and P&G production line stops. Control Tower, our logistics optimization program, is a holistic approach to more seamlessly manage the movement of our raw and pack material, as well as finished product, through the supply chain. More efficient transportation means an improved environment profile. The lead logistics provider centrally controls and optimizes the product flows. Delivering maximum truck fill for every kilometer travelled in the fastest possible time, in an ecologically friendly manner.

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