Core Strengths

P&G focuses on five core strengths required to win in the consumer products industry. We are designed to lead in each of these areas.

P&G's five core strengths

Consumer Understanding

No company in the world has invested more in market research than P&G. We interact with millions of consumers each year in nearly 100 countries. We conduct thousands of research studies annually, and invest hundreds of millions annually in consumer understanding. The insights we gain help us identify opportunities for innovation and better serve and communicate with our consumers.


P&G is widely recognized as the industry’s global innovation leader. We collaborate with a global network of research partners, and more than half of all product innovation coming from P&G today includes at least one major component from an external partner. Their contributions have consistently helped us earn honors from the IRI New Product Pacesetters Report—the annual list of the biggest innovations in our industry. Procter & Gamble was this year’s leader for the 2013 New Product Pacesetters list, launching seven of the top 10 most successful non-food products of the year. P&G innovations making the list were Tide Pods (#1), ZzzQuil (#3), Vidal Sassoon Pro Series (#4), Downy Infusions (#6), Always/Tampax Radiant (#8), Secret Outlast (#9) and Puffs Basic (#10). This year marks P&G’s best performance on the Pacesetters list in the 19 years it has been published. Since the first Pacesetters list, P&G has had 155 products make the top 25 Pacesetters list in non-food categories – more than our six largest competitors combined.


P&G is a company of leading brands. We have 23 brands with annual sales of $1 billion to more than $10 billion, and 14 with sales of $500 million to $1 billion — many of those with billion-dollar potential. Nearly all of our 23 billion-dollar brands and the vast majority of our $500 million to $1 billion brands hold the number one or two position in their category or segment, and they all have significant growth and value creation potential.

Go-to-Market Capabilities

We’ve established industry-leading go-to-market capabilities. P&G is consistently ranked by leading retailers in industry surveys as a preferred supplier. We’re also frequently ranked as the industry leader in a wide range of capabilities, including clearest company strategy, brands most important to retailers, strong business fundamentals and innovative marketing programs.


As one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, P&G has scale advantages across our brands, businesses, operations and people. This allows us to share knowledge, transfer technologies, optimize our spending and flow resources to better serve consumers and continuously improve our efficiency and productivity.