Rejoice has been the top-selling haircare brand in China for over 20 years.

Known as the expert in smoothness, Rejoice has gained high recognition by Chinese consumers, and was voted “The Most Popular Foreign Trademark in China” by 250,000 consumers and experts nationwide.

Rejoice believes that smooth hair is the key to confidence for Chinese women, so the brand constantly provides consumers with best-in-class products that deliver it. Several product lines, including Essence Care, Family Care and Traditional Chinese Herbal, have been designed to meet the needs of different consumers and markets.

Beyond quality products, Rejoice also helps Chinese women turn their dreams into reality, making people’s lives smoother every day. The brand stands for more than just shampoo and conditioner—it is now an emotional symbol for love and a better life.

In September 2009, Rejoice held its first-ever wedding event in China, the first consumer engagement program to reach a million people nationwide. In 2009, Rejoice also began a program with the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) to help provide Chinese women with self-employment opportunities and skills. Through such programs and activities, Rejoice has become a beloved brand that regularly brings love and care to the public, gaining both respect and loyalty.