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Safeguard Celebrates Independence From Bacteria

Karachi, August 16, 2007 — "As we celebrate this landmark occasion, many of us remain ignorant of the biggest enemies that exist among us — the invisible bacteria that put us at the risk of catching deadly diseases,” was the message of the Independence Day celebration organized by Safeguard.
On the occasion of Pakistan's 60th anniversary, Safeguard celebrated Independence Day with a commitment to ensure a healthy future for Pakistan. In order to live up to this commitment, the Safeguard team held a unique two-day activity at Park Towers to spread awareness about bacteria, invisible to the eye, that cause harmful diseases, and to educate the participants about basic protection, care and hygiene alongside patriotic fervor.
Enveloped in the trademark Safeguard blue-and-white ambiance and charged with patriotic passion, the event captured the two messages with remarkable harmony. With the “Lucky Draw” every 30 minutes at the heart of the décor, the event captured the attention of every visitor. Some highlights of the event included a free “Doctor's Consultancy” clinic, live demonstrations to show bacterial activity, games for kids such as “Spin the Wheel” and “Hit the Germ,” and a Commander Safeguard animation theater.

Assistant Brand Manager of Safeguard Saad Munawar expressed, “Safeguard is committed to promoting basic health and hygiene habits amongst Pakistanis, and the Independence Day gave the Safeguard team an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of achieving freedom from invisible germs. Studies have shown that the incidence of diarrhea, which claims 250,000 young lives every year, can be reduced by 35 percent by the simple act of hand-washing with soap.”

The occasion also witnessed multiple lucky-draw winners, with the lucky winners walking away with fabulous gifts such as mp3 players, juicers, blenders and the grand prize, an iPod Nano. Hundreds of people of all ages and from all parts of Karachi participated in and enjoyed this unique, fun-filled educational independence celebration.
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