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Safeguard – Bayer - Partnering for a Healthier Nation

Karachi, September 12, 2007: Qaisar Shareef, Country Manager, Procter and Gamble Pakistan and Allen Doumit, General Manager Bayer HealthCare signed a Memorandum of Understanding to mark the beginning of a unique partnership to promote the hygiene, specifically handwashing message amongst healthcare providers in Pakistan.
Speaking at the occasion, Qaisar said, “Under the partnership, Bayer HealthCare and Safeguard teams will pool their resources to create awareness of handwashing in the doctors’ community in several ways. The two teams will jointly hold seminars in the major cities to raise the awareness of hand washing. The first seminar in this series will be held in Karachi in November this year.”

Commenting on the drive, Allen said, “Bayer is a global enterprise with the field of healthcare as a core competency. The partnership between Safeguard and Bayer HealthCare furthers our dream to create a healthier nation. Our aim is to reach 7,000 health care providers nationwide in the span of one year to disseminate the message of proper hand-washing along with literature on the subject of health and hygiene.”

Nayyer-ul-Islam, Marketing & Sales Manager Primary Care, Bayer HealthCare said, “Ciproxin, one of the leading antibiotics in Pakistan, is a gold standard treatment for typhoid, urinary tract infections and hospital acquired infections. According to WHO, "hand washing is one of the most effective and cheapest measures against infections and food-borne diseases". Safeguard and Ciproxin teams will work jointly to educate the medical community and patients who are vulnerable to disease and infections, on the nature of germs and why it is important to stay germ free.”

Elaborating on the initiative, Ruediger Koppelman, Associate Director Marketing, Procter and Gamble Pakistan said, “Safeguard is the Doctor’s No. 1 Choice Soap in Pakistan. Being a leading antibacterial soap, the message of a healthy lifestyle based on good hygiene practices has always been very close to Safeguard. A 2004 Karachi soap health study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) confirmed that children living in households that received hand-washing promotion and soap had a 53% lower incidence of diarrhea. Through this partnership, Bayer HealthCare and Safeguard hope to create greater awareness about the merits of good hygiene and regular hand-washing with soap amongst healthcare providers so that this message can reach the masses effectively.”

“It is heartwarming to note such an initiative being led by Safeguard and Bayer, both big names in their respective fields. We see it as a turning point for the medical community and look forward to the campaign. Safeguard and Bayer have certainly set an example for others to follow”, said Dr Altaf Ahmed, President, Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (IDSP) in his introductory remarks.

Salman Butt, Brand Manager Safeguard and Dr Faheem Ahmed, Product Manager Ciproxin, Bayer HealthCare were also present at the ceremony along with senior and well-reputed members of the medical community.
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