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Pampers brings Sleep Summit to Pakistan

Karachi Dec 23 2008: Pampers held the first-ever "Sleep Summit" in Pakistan to help raise awareness about the importance of sleep for the development of babies at Marriott, Karachi. The sleep summit was envisioned to help bring together leading pediatricians to create awareness about the importance of sleep for the development of babies.

During the Sleep Summit, senior pediatricians addressed a diverse audience which also included mothers and members of the media. Leading pediatrician Dr. Yasmin Kazi discussed the importance of sleep for babies and how establishing sleep routines and using disposable diapers such as Pampers can help your baby sleep better. Other senior pediatricians also stressed the importance of sleep and forming the right habits to help your baby sleep better.

Elaborating on the benefits of sleep for a baby's mental and physical development, Dr. Yasmin Kazi said, "During the first few months babies sleep twice as much as adults as their speed of development will be higher than any other time in their life. Restful sleep is essential for the growth and development of babies". She further highlighted that, 'the responsibility of spreading awareness about this fundamental, yet simple, fact has resulted in the Sleep Summit today, and we hope that through this innovative platform, we are able to convey the message of how sleep is important for a baby's development to mothers all across the nation. Through this Summit, Pampers aims to continue its dedication in providing a hearty and healthy lifestyle for babies across Pakistan.

Commenting on the commitment of Pampers to better baby development, Zulfiqar Mahar, Brand Manager for Pampers said, "Pampers is an expert in baby care and offers the best products to facilitate the growth of your baby. Restful sleep is essential for the growth and development of babies. Pampers understands the importance of good quality sleep for baby development and our latest technology ensures that Pampers provides magical absorbency for up to 12 hours of undisturbed sleep."

As part of other activities at the sleep summit, a sleep tunnel was unveiled. Guests could walk through the sleep tunnel and get valuable information on helping their babies sleep better in an interactive yet relaxing environment. The sleep tunnel showcased a baby's retreat, a consultant's corner and an alluring ambience inspired by a baby's nursery. It provided mothers and other guests a platform to understand certain essential aspects and elements which improve babies sleep routine in the early stages of their growth.

Pampers is committed to educating parents on the importance of sleep for the development of their babies. Reinforcing the advice delivered at the sleep summit, Pampers has developed what it calls Sleep Rooms that will be set up in select stores, where information can reach parents and other caregivers directly. The displays will be hosted by people trained in baby sleep skills.

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