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Pampers and Sahara Trust – Partnering to Help Save Lives

Lahore, September 5, 2007: “Every one has the right to life - yet every 13th Pakistani child is unable to make it to his first birthday according to Unicef. We hope that with the support of Pampers, we at Sahara For Life Trust would be able to save these young, innocent lives,” shared Abrar-ul-Haq, renowned signer, Founder and Chairman Sahara For Life Trust at the Pampers-Sahara Help Save a Life Campaign’s Launch and MoU signing ceremony. “Life is God’s most precious gift to mankind and we value your contribution to help save precious, innocent lives. Buy a pack of Pampers this Ramadan to enable Sahara Trust to administer one dosage of a life-saving drug to children free of cost. This may be the easiest way you can make a difference to someone's life this Ramadan."
Speaking at the occasion, Salman Yousuf, Brand Manager, Pampers shared, “Every mother wants her child to grow up and carve a name for him or herself. The dream of some mothers is shattered very early on due to lack of resources. It was this reality that provoked the Pampers "Buy One Pack, Help Save a Life" initiative with Sahara For Life Trust. Through this unique partnership, each time you buy a stickered pack of Pampers in Ramadan, Pampers will donate the cost of one dose of a life-saving drug to Sahara For Life Trust.”

“We commend Abrar and Sahara For Life Trust for their complete and sincere dedication to reach out to the less fortunate children of Pakistan. We wish them the best in their noble efforts and are truly grateful to them for allowing Pampers an opportunity to contribute as well,” Yousuf added.

Elaborating on the initiative, Yousuf shared, "Caring for the baby's development is and remains the top priority for Pampers worldwide. Pampers has been actively pursuing the education of natal and pre-natal care in Pakistan through its various awareness campaigns. Pampers has been reaching mothers of newborns that live in rural, hard-to-reach areas via hospital education programs and through mobile clinics that provide education on child development, proper diet, vaccinations, and sleep. We are educating 400,000 mothers every year in 40 cities nationwide. Moreover, training on basic tips on baby care, immunization, breast feeding and sleep is also provided to hundreds of nurses across the country via partner networks to improve health care service delivery. 400 nurses have benefitted from these trainings in the past year alone.”

Pampers is the world’s No.1 diaper brand and has given 30 million babies across 150 countries the gift of uninterrupted sleep every night. With 3.3 million babies born every year, Pakistan is the third largest contributor to world population (India ranks 1st and China comes second) and it is our quest to provide every Pakistani baby the best environment for healthy growth and development. To enable mothers to choose the size that perfectly fits their babies, Pampers is in four different sizes - Small, Medium, Large and recently introduced Junior Size as per the weight of the baby. Pampers has Small, Medium, Large and Junior sizes for Rs. 99, and Rs. 169. These are available at general stores, super markets, and chemists across Pakistan. The stickered pack to support the Pampers Sahara Help Save a Life Campaign will be available across the country in Ramzan in these sizes.

Sahara Trust receives over 900,000 medicinal donations from Pampers to treat infants

Karachi, October 29, 2007: Sahara for Life Trust has received over 900,000 doses of various life-saving drugs worth over Rs 3.1 million to treat infants at the Trust’s Sughra Shafi Medical Complex. This has been enabled through the Pampers-Sahara Help Save Lives Initiative.

Abrar-ul-Haq, Founder and Chairman Sahara For Life Trust and Salman Yousuf, Pampers Brand Manager, signed an MoU in September whereby the Pampers team agreed to donate the cost of one dosage of a life-saving drug to Sahara for Life Trust for each stickered Pampers pack sold during the month of Ramadan.

Thanking consumers, Abrar-ul Haq shared, "We are gratef ul for your support that has helped the Pampers team to finance over 83,000 packs of various life-saving drugs worth over Rs 3.1 million. Life is God's most precious gift to mankind and your contribution in helping us save precious, innocent lives is truly valuable."

To date, the donation made by the Pampers team as a result of this campaign is sufficient to provide close to a million doses of life-saving drugs that treat fatal illnesses in babies such as pneumonia, cardiac problems and respiratory diseases.

Commenting on the initiative, Salman Yousuf, Pampers Brand Manager, said, "The Pampers-Sahara Help Save A Life Campaign was made successful by our consumers who responded with great enthusiasm. Caring for every Pakistani baby's development is and remains the top priority for Pampers Pakistan. Through our consumer’s help, Pampers will be able to help thousands of babies when they need it the most."

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