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P&G steps up to touch & improve the lives of flood affected families

Torrential monsoon rains have triggered massive floods which have moved steadily from the north to the south of the country over the past month, engulfing one fifth of the entire country. These floods have been termed as one of the worst natural disasters to have hit the country in 80 years. According to the United Nations, the number of people suffering is more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The death toll has been reported over 1,500. The disaster has swallowed up entire villages and destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses, shops, hospitals and schools, millions of acres of agricultural land as well as infrastructure. According to financial experts calculations of flood loss estimates have risen to USD 43 billion. Whilst the calamity is huge, so is the effort required to help those affected and displaced in this time of need.

Given the need of the hour and wide scale devastation, P&G has proactively stepped forward to help addresses some of the critical needs of the flood affected families. Not only P&G Pakistan operations, but the regional and global offices have also leaned forward to help in these exceptionally difficult times for the country. The Company has deployed an extensive relief effort to aid flood affected families on multiple fronts. Overall the company is making a significant contribution, which stands today in excess of US $ 2.2 million (PKR 187 million).

P&G is focusing its relief efforts in ways best suited to its core strengths. Global relief agencies such as UNICEF and WHO have flagged water-borne diseases as a high-level threat to the flood victims and safe drinking water is called out to be one of the critical needs. P&G has made significant commitments of more than 130 million liters of clean drinking water via PUR, P&G’s water purifying sachets, through the corporate Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. The company is actively deploying more than 40 million liters of clean drinking water via PUR, through local and global NGO partners including Save the Children, World Vision, HOPE and READ Foundation. In addition, P&G products such as Safeguard, Pampers, Always, Ariel and Oral care products are also being donated to help meet the hygiene needs of those affected with the help of HOPE, READ Foundation, Pakistan Medical Association and UNHCR.

With the help of P&G Pakistan’s long-term partners HOPE, READ Foundation and Pakistan Medical Association, the Company has mobilized other critical needs such as food for the displaced people.

However, this is not all. Employees across the P&G world have been provided the opportunity to contribute wholeheartedly by making donations towards this cause and the company has received an overwhelming response to this initiative. Moreover, P&G Pakistan employees have given up their Eid gifts this year and funds earmarked for this are also being contributed towards flood relief.

P&G brands have also leaned forward to help in their individual areas of expertise. Through the “Ariel Hum Watan Hum Qadam” campaign 8 laundry stations were setup across the country providing clean and dry clothes to flood affected families. Overall, more than 280,000 clothes have been successfully washed through this campaign. P&G employees and consumers have participated in this campaign by donating clothes at the Ariel laundry station setup in Metro Cash and Carry in Karachi. With the help of our partners NGOs HOPE, READ Foundation and PMA, these are being distributed amongst flood affected families. Moreover 30+ P&G employees and interns have volunteered their time to sort, wash, dry and pack donated clothes at the laundry station in Karachi.

Simultaneously, the Pampers brand has launched the ‘Spread a Smile Campaign’ in partnership with Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) to provide free health check ups, medicines and ORS to babies and children living in the flood affected areas. The brand has also reached out to Pampers consumers, enabling them to spread smiles by donating baby clothes and toys at select Metro Cash and Carry outlets across the country.

P&G is committed to the long term prosperity of the Country and dedicated to helping the community in these times of need. The Company stands by the nation through this difficult time and is committed to touch and improve lives of the affectees in meaningful ways.