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Ariel Kurta certified ‘World’s Largest’ by Guinnes

Karachi January 31st 2008: Procter & Gamble Pakistan presented the Ariel World’s Largest Kurta, a Guinness World Record, at an elaborate ceremony in Karachi. The Kurta measures a staggering 101 feet in length and is large enough to be worn by a 175-foot tall person.
Ariel World’s Largest Kurta is a unique symbol of national unity. As a national dress, worn by men, women and children, from Karachi to the Khyber, the Kurta captures the culture and identity of Pakistan.

Speaking at the occasion, Country Manager P&G Pakistan Qaisar Shareef said “Ariel World’s Largest Kurta, is the latest accomplishment of Ariel that signifies national pride on an international platform. Since its launch in Pakistan, Ariel is committed to bringing innovation to its consumers across the country. This initiative is a tribute to all the consumers who have recognized Ariel’s superiority in cleaning and put their trust in Ariel as their detergent of choice.”

Qaisar added that, “Corporate Social Responsibility programs are an important part of our business culture. The Ariel team is going the extra mile and will be creating small kurtas from the Ariel World’s Largest Kurta to donate to children of the Edhi Child homes across Pakistan.”

Sharing details of the project, Mohamed Ismail, Marketing Director, P&G Arabian Peninsula and Pakistan said, “The length of the Ariel world’s largest Kurta is 30 times that of a standard medium sized Kurta and stands at an enormous height of 101 feet. The entire Kurta weighs 800 kg. It took a team of 50 hard working professional craftsmen a period of 30 days to put together the World’s Largest Kurta.”

On future activities of Ariel, Ismail shared, “Having conquered the challenge of setting the Guinness record, the Ariel World’s Largest Kurta will later be used to demonstrate Ariel’s superior cleaning abilities as Ariel Enzymax, its latest formulation provides superior overall cleaning against tough, dried-in, greasy food stains.”

The Kurta was measured earlier last month by professional experts of SGS Pakistan, a well known name in the local trade and certification industry. Guinness World Records certified the entry based on a very rigorous and exhaustive documentation process.

Fashion Designer Deepak Perwani, who embellished the giant Kurta said “The kurta is an intrinsic symbol of Pakistani attire, and Ariel has successfully put it on the global map. A kurta represents the essence of what we are and defines our individuality in today’s world. A Guinness endorsement is no mean feat and this record will go a long way in creating positive recall for Pakistani fashion in the international community.”

More than 800 yards of Gul Ahmed Textiles’ cotton blend was used to create Ariel World’s largest Kurta. Speaking on the occasion, Director Operations Gul Ahmed, Syed Hassan Bokhari said, “This unique idea required a very durable fabric that could survive the challenges of strength because of its size and also have the quality to actually be a national icon of pride for our country. We used the best cottons to weave this special fabric for this project.”

The Ariel World’s Largest Kurta was displayed amidst a colorful lights show and the ceremony concluded with a fascinating display of fireworks.
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