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P&G partners with US-Pakistan Women's Council

P&G has joined the US-Pakistan Women's Council (USPWC) in its mission to promote the economic participation of women in the workforce in Pakistan. Through this partnership, P&G is committed to furthering its diversity and inclusion mission in the country and supporting the USPWC in its efforts to increase women's participation in the workforce.

Gender diversity is an important aspect of P&G's overall diversity and inclusion mission. The Company aims to attract, recruit and retain the top talent this country has to offer with a special focus on women via a range of strong diversity programs. As a result of its efforts, today women constitute around 35% of the employees at the P&G General Office in Karachi and around 40% of the P&G Pakistan Leadership Team.

As the founding corporate member of the USPWC, P&G has committed to support the employment of women within its organization and promote women entrepreneurship in supply chain through its diversity initiatives. As a part of this effort P&G participated in the USPWC anniversary event and shared examples of the Company's best practices aimed at hiring, retaining and advancing women within the organization in Pakistan. Moreover, P&G is participating in training sessions for women entrepreneurs, the first of which was held in Lahore. The session was attended by over 40 women entrepreneurs representing different service sectors from catering to corporate marketing agencies. Additionally, relevant women entrepreneurs will be provided the opportunity to participate in competitive P&G business opportunities.

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