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P&G participates in the UN Conference on Business and Human Rights

15th November 2016 marked a memorable day in P&G's Citizenship and Corporate Responsibility journey in Pakistan. P&G was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the UN Conference on Business and Human Rights at Palais des Nations, Geneva. Khalil Benchekroun, Associate Director Purchases Operations P&G Middle East and Africa, Clare Iery, P&G Global Ethics and Compliance Officer and Aslam Mehdi, CEO Bulleh Shah Packaging (BSP) participated in the conference.

P&G presented a case study in collaboration with its external partner BSP, a Pakistani corrugates supplier. The session highlighted the interventions taken by P&G after its decision to suspend sourcing from BSP due to a child labor issue that was identified in BSP's upstream waste paper supply chain.

P&G is committed to doing the right thing and maintains a high ethical standard in line with its Worldwide Business Conduct Manual. External business partners and their suppliers are expected to share P&G's commitment to these standards. In line with these standards, a passionate, expert P&G multi-functional team established the criteria for re-engagement with BSP based on Human Rights guidelines as defined by the UN, ILO and other credible agencies.

There were no business transactions with BSP for two years. During this time P&G maintained a close relationship with BSP as the supplier undertook the remediation efforts required. As a result, the child labor issue in BSP's supply chain was remediated and the supplier also introduced a social cause program providing education to over 600 children and supported social clinics for the community.

This case became the base of the conference's panel discussion and was aimed at paving the way for more positive interventions in this direction in future. The UN session was highly interactive and greatly appreciated by the participants comprising representatives from civil society, NGOs and corporate organizations.


"At P&G we operate based on the principle of doing the right thing. This is reflected in our purpose, values, and principles. Our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual articulates the global standards we expect from our daily business activities, and our legal and ethical responsibilities. We actively seek business relationships with partners who share our values and promote the application of these high standards among those with whom they do business. Hence P&G's relationship with Bulleh Shah Packaging is a testament of our commitment to doing the right thing."

Khalil Benchekroun
Associate Director Purchases Operations,
P&G Middle East and Africa

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