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Name: Asad Raza
Job Title: International Market Leader Finance and Accounting, P&G Dubai
University: Lahore University of Management & Sciences
Degree: Bachelors in Sciences (Honors)

Life at P&G is unpredictable, dynamic and makes you discover something new about yourself each and every day. The past eight years with the company have taken me to three different locations; Pakistan, Geneva and now in Dubai exposing me not only to new businesses and work conditions, but also new cultures, new people and new experiences of life. P&G provides the opportunity to fulfill ones desires in professional as well as personal life. It is true to the motto “Work Hard and Party even harder”.

Name: Sumika Farooqui
Job Title: Senior Human Resources Manager, P&G Pakistan
University: Institute of Business Administration
Degree: Masters in Business Administration

Since the time I joined P&G, I have realized only more with time that it is one of those few organizations that REALLY takes care of its people in the true sense. It makes me proud to work for a company that is always willing to go an extra mile for its people and really understands the worth of them. I strongly believe that it’s a company that believes in providing holistic career satisfaction bringing in elements such as healthy job rotations, complete autonomy in the area of ownership, skills development and last but not the least a promote from within culture. One thing that always keeps me going is the faith that if I work honestly, I will be rewarded accordingly, which is something that is very rare in today’s world!

Name: Muhammad Bilal Lakhani
Job Title: Communication Manager, P&G Geneva
University: Columbia University
Degree: Masters of Science (Journalism)

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to work with the best business minds in Pakistan and the world, every single day of your career. Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to celebrate breakthrough results with some of your closest friends, who also happen to be working in the same company as you.

Now imagine yourself working at P&G Pakistan.

When I was graduating from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 2008, I thought I’d never find the extraordinary set of people, environment and opportunities that LUMS enabled me to experience during my undergraduate education.

Four years down the road, I realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong at the time. That’s because I joined P&G right after graduation. There are many things that make P&G stand out as a company. For me, it’s the P&G people and the way that the company takes care of its people that make P&G my employer of choice. P&G people are principled; actions oriented and have a passion for winning. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with people who share your values and are equally hungry for success. Moreover, P&G’s purpose driven strategy enables the company to take care of its people in truly remarkable ways.

At P&G, I feel like I’m performing at the peak of my potential not just at work, but also when it comes to achieving my personal goals. For example, whenever I’ve had a personal transition or goal to achieve, I’ve been blessed to have P&G managers who were not just supportive but also cheerleaders for my success.

In short, working at P&G isn’t simply another job where you can earn a living and grow professionally. Instead, working at P&G is a lifestyle choice, where you can experience magical moments of truth, every single day of your career.

Name: Jaffar Hashim
Job Title: Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Operations, P&G Pakistan
University: Lahore University of Management Sciences
Degree: : Masters in Business Administration

On my first day in the company as an intern, I was told that for the next 3 months, I was to act in the capacity of a category manager. All decisions regarding my projects were mine to make and that I could always approach my manager for help needed to break down barriers. I followed this advice closely and the rest is history!

To work at the best place and amongst the best talent this country has to offer is inspiring. The work is empowering, the challenges are thrilling and every moment spent as part of the P&G family is exciting beyond measure. Empowerment, responsibility and accountability are engraved in the P&G DNA. All my projects are unique to my role in the company, and hence, the gratification of achieving these, is immense.

What is unique about P&G is its people. From day one, it is evident that everyone is eager to contribute towards building the capability of the team. I have received endless support from colleagues across functions, helping me close deliverables for my projects as well as learn core skills in the process. The sheer amount of guidance and mentorship I have received makes me feel extremely motivated and driven to excel.

It is for these reasons that I cannot wait to grow professionally and personally with P&G.

Name: Zarina Tariq
Job Title: Consumer and Market knowledge, Associate Manager, P&G Pakistan
University: Lahore University of Management Sciences
Degree: Bachelors in Economics (Honors)

Define a top-class employer; one that believes in its employees – and that’s what P&G is to me.

From the onset of my internship at P&G, I realized it was the best fit for me. P&G’s steadfast belief in its employees motivates its investment in their health, happiness and skill-set. While stretching and challenging me to the maximum, day in and day out, P&G does not forget to simultaneously equip me with the right skills to achieve my best – both professionally and personally.

Along with the belief that P&G has in me, comes a natural sense of responsibility and ownership felt towards the Company and the work I do. The working environment at P&G is buzzing with healthy competition, characterized by mutual respect and collaboration. Moreover, the P&G atmosphere is infused with a positive energy, driven by a can-do attitude at all times.

The P&G culture celebrates diversity and believes in maximizing each individual’s unique skill-set. P&G not only celebrates each employee’s strengths but also drives a sense of self-awareness amongst employees. Consistent feedback and capability building programs built into the P&G systems ensure that this self-awareness goes hand in hand with bettering oneself. This has benefited me on a professional as well as personal level.

My time with P&G has taught me a lot and I know that this is only the beginning.

 Name: Suleman khan
 Job Title: Commercial Operations Category Manager, P&G Pakistan
 University: Lahore University of Management Sciences
 Degree: Bachelors in Business Administration

Every day spent at P&G has proven to be fruitful for my learning and development. During my internship I worked on very exciting and critical projects which I witnessed coming to life within just 3 months. I joined the P&G family as a full time employee immediately after this. Throughout my time here, I have been amazed by the promote-from within culture at P&G. The way company continues to empower me with ownership, responsibilities and trust is truly rewarding and enables me to bring passion to the work I do.

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