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Developing Skills and Nurturing Talent

P&G places great importance on its people, as they are the foundation of the company's success. P&G strives to be the employer of choice and strongly believes in hiring, nurturing and developing local talent. It has created 5000 direct and indirect employment opportunities in Pakistan, recruiting and nurturing talented Pakistanis with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Capability Building

P&G people are developed as a result of a strong 'promote from within' culture. P&G focuses on developing skills and nurturing the talent of its employees in the workplace by providing extensive training and learning opportunities. It measures growth through skills, interests and performance. Employees are constantly faced with new and diverse challenges and provided remarkable career opportunities across the P&G world. To date, several P&G Pakistan employees are working on challenging international P&G assignments.

P&G is a strong believer in the potential of the country's youth. It has engaged Pakistani youth through innovative initiatives such as the "P&G CEO Challenge" and "National University Challenge" which allow students to showcase their creativity and skills and evolve as enterprising leaders. P&G also conducts a very successful summer internship program which provides interns with assignments that enable them to experience firsthand the challenges of the professional world and what life and work is like at P&G.

Nurturing Diversity

P&G recognizes and respects the uniqueness and differences in employees, and leverages them to the fullest. The Company hires people from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds with remarkably different talents, perspectives and life and career experiences. P&G Pakistan employees form a rich tapestry of individuals, in terms of gender, background, educational experiences and thinking styles. This is because for P&G, Diversity and Inclusion is a business strategy and a source of competitive advantage.

Each year the Company celebrates Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Week to bring to life the mission of D&I, 'Everyone Valued, Everyone Included, Everyone performing at their peak'. D&I Week includes a host of trainings and guest speaker sessions on the importance of diversity as a critical enabler of innovation and productivity. D&I Week also gives employees the opportunity to showcase their talents and express their individuality. The highlight of D&I Week is the 'P&G's Got Talent' competition, showcasing the varied talents and skills of P&G people, from musicians and actors to poets, literati and artists.

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