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P&G Steps up for Disaster Relief

Pakistan has seen a tide of emergencies and natural disasters in recent years including earthquakes, humanitarian crisis and the monsoon floods over the past few years. At times when these unfortunate disasters affected Pakistan, P&G has been at the forefront providing the assistance that afflicted Pakistanis needed, when they needed it most.

P&G has proactively stepped forward to help address some of the critical needs of the disaster-struck families by focusing its relief efforts in ways best suited to its core strengths. Global relief agencies such as UNICEF and WHO had flagged water-borne diseases as a high-level threat to the affected families and safe drinking water was called out to be one of the critical needs.

P&G has worked actively with its local and global NGO partners including HOPE, READ Foundation, Pakistan Medical Association, Save the Children, World Vision and UNHCR over the past years to mobilize relief efforts for families in need. P&G has made available clean drinking water via P&G's Purifier of Water packets, through the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program. Additionally, P&G hygiene products such as Safeguard, Pampers, Always, Head and Shoulders, Ariel and Oral care products along with vital items such as food were also donated to help meet the need of the displaced people. This was not all - P&G employees have also contributed wholeheartedly.

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