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Employee Volunteerism

The dedication of P&G employees has made it possible for the company to touch and improve lives of Pakistanis in many different ways. P&G employees bring to life the company's Purpose through their everyday work including volunteering enthusiastically for the company's community development programs.

P&G volunteer programs allow employees to connect with the company's Purpose and engage very closely and personally with the long–term causes that P&G is committed to. Employees not only witness the meaningful difference being made in the community but feel a sense of pride in having a role to play in making that difference.

Employees volunteer their time and skills in building confidence, communication skills and fuelling creativity within children. At times of crises, employees also make financial contribution which are then matched by the company. Over the past 5 years, P&G employee volunteers have donated more than 2000 volunteer hours toward the company's community projects.

Fun-filled Adventures with HOPE

For many children at the P&G–HOPE schools visits to historical, cultural and conservation sites are a rare opportunity. For this reason, P&G employees regularly dedicate time to lead these children on fun filled, educational trips. Over the past 6 years employees have engaged with more than 650 children via exciting tours. For many, this has been their first exposure to such places.

The activities conducted include a tour of the museum and its archives at the PAF Museum which provided children the opportunity to learn about aviation as well as the history of the Pakistan Air Force. A visit to WWF Pakistan's Wetlands Center in Karachi enabled children to learn about Pakistan's coastal wetlands, marine turtles, mangrove forests and migratory birds. Visits to the Karachi Zoo and UNESCO World Heritage Site at Makli Hills have also been organized giving children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Pakistan's cultural heritage and wild life species from not only Pakistan but across the world. Through such interactions P&G employees also help develop self–esteem and confidence amongst the children.

"This is the first time I came to the Zoo. I saw many animals but I loved it most when we fed the elephant there. Our group leaders gave us a lot of information regarding what the animals eat. It was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed myself a lot."

Student, P&G–HOPE Home School, Gadap

Painting Futures with READ Foundation

Since the inception of the P&G and READ Foundation partnership in 2006, P&G employees including senior management have traveled to the P&G–READ Foundation schools in the north of the country. Several weekends have been dedicated to visit children of the P&G–READ schools in Bhara Kahu a suburb of Islamabad and Gojra and Lamnian villages in Muzaffarabad.

During these visits employees and the children enjoyed fun–filled activities such as a drawing and painting contest, painting colourful murals on the school walls, creation of an animal kingdom and educational charts, decorating classrooms with creative educational material, glass painting as well as planting trees. Employees have also provided guidance and counsel to the children via mentoring sessions. The activities have been designed to give children a chance to express their creativity in a fun and exciting way whilst gaining valuable extra–curricular experience.

"To not only work in a company where we like the work we do but to also give back to society – to contribute, is a rare experience. One of the best experiences I have had at P&G in terms of community work is when we went for a volunteer trip to Muzaffarabad. P&G is one of those unique companies where I not only get to enjoy the great work I do on the business but I also really get to touch and improve the lives of underprivileged children in the country."

Muneeza Khan
P&G employee volunteer

"'I want to become a politician when I grow up,' shared a 14 year old student I was mentoring at the P&G–READ Foundation schools in Muzaffarabad. 'I want to make this country a better place. All of us here want to study hard and grow up to serve our country in one capacity or another.' I was caught off–guard by the innocence, honesty and sincerity of the children. Despite living through the devastating 2005 earthquake and limited financial resources of their families, these children passionately talked about their responsibility to give back to their community and the country. In the daily rush to get things done, sometimes we lose sight of what is really important. This experience helped me reconnect with my Purpose."

Bilal Lakhani
P&G employee volunteer

P&G Intern Volunteerism

P&G introduced the concept of "Intern Volunteerism Day" with the aim of bringing to life P&G's community projects to its interns. P&G prides itself on its Summer Internship Program which gives students across Pakistan the unique opportunity to work at P&G for a summer, undertaking real–life projects at P&G Pakistan.

Through this initiative, P&G interns have spent time with children studying at P&G–HOPE schools, leading many fun, public speaking and educational activities. P&G interns have also contributed time to the company's flood relief efforts.

In 2010, P&G interns personally volunteered time at the Ariel laundry station at Metro Karachi to sort, wash and pack clothes for distribution to the flood–affected people. In 2012, P&G interns raised funds via a consumer activity to contribute towards Eid gifts for 100 children of the P&G–HOPE schools.

In 2013, P&G interns spent a fun day with 130 children at the SOS Children's Village in Karachi. Here they spent time with the children playing games and conducting story telling sessions. The activity aimed at bringing interns closer to the P&G Purpose of touching and improving lives, by allowing them to witness for themselves P&G's commitment to providing the everyday comforts of home to those in need.

Interns also participated in an engaging direct–to–consumer activity on P&G brands. Through this activity interns generated funds which were contributed towards gifts for underprivileged children on Eid. As a result 85 children from the P&G–HOPE schools received new clothes on Eid.

"The SOS activity was an extremely rewarding experience. The best part about the visit was spending time with the kids. They were so enthusiastic about learning new things, competitive while playing board games and determined to succeed in life. The village has given them hope and opportunity. I want to visit them again because one day was not enough".

Zulekha Ahmed
P&G Intern

P&G Educate a Child Campaign

The Educate a Child program was introduced to further engage employees in the company's long–term community projects. Through this program employees were provided the opportunity to support the education of underprivileged children via the company's NGO partners HOPE and READ Foundation. A phenomenal response was received from employees who have helped educate over 229 underprivileged children.

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