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P&G Home at SOS Children’s Villages

P&G took another step towards realizing its Purpose of touching and improving Pakistani lives in 2011, by launching the P&G Home at SOS Children’s Village in Islamabad. Ten orphan children who were affected by the devastating earthquake of 2005 now have a permanent home.
This is in line with the Company’s global social cause of providing people in need with everyday basics that help create the experience of home. The P&G Home at the SOS Children’s Village fulfills the primary needs of these children and provides them with security, love and care in an environment which has a ‘mother’, ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. It also helps develop skills for life that will enable them to thrive.

SOS Children’s Villages provide orphans and abandoned children a home, good nurturing and an equal chance in life. These children will live under SOS care until they are able to lead an independent life. This project is P&G Pakistan’s first long-term community relations initiative in orphan-care.

“We are living like a family where everyone loves and cares for each other. My siblings love me like real brothers and sisters and I never miss my biological mother. I am very happy here.”

Farhat Nazir

“I love my house because no house in this world can be like my house. It is beautiful and comfortable. I enjoy decorating it and am free to do it as I like. I feel secure here and have everything I imagined.”

Zubaria Hussain

“The objective of SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan is to provide children deprived of their natural parents a situation which is as close as possible to a natural home. P&G has played an exemplary role in enabling us to expand our facilities by donating a family home in the SOS Children’s Village, Islamabad. We are grateful to P&G for partnering with us in an endeavor to give the orphaned and abandoned children a normal existence equipping them to succeed in life.”

Souriya Anwar
President SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan

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