P&G Transforms Ordinary Girls into Stars


Every Filipina can find real beauty in themselves if they take care of their body – Ilabas ang gandang hindi mo inakala! True transformation is becoming who you want to be in the future, and the first step can be achieved with Ganda Trio brands Olay, Rejoice and Whisper.

It is in this belief that Procter & Gamble Philippines partnered with Star Cinema for a phenomenal milestone event - the first branded full length movie to bring the hottest teen love team to the big screen in Must Be Love. The movie features Kathryn Bernardo as Patchot, a boyish young girl who realizes that she has fallen in love with her childhood friend, played by Daniel Padilla. She then decides to embrace her femininity and finds comfort and confidence in her true beauty.

As part of the activities for the premiere night of the movie, P&G invited regular girls from all over the country to represent their peers. Emulating the transformation done by Patchot, the girls were styled by professionals and were treated to a shopping spree in Forever 21. Coming from the Manila Peninsula, the girls were chauffeured to the red carpet screening of Star Cinema and P&G looking like stars.

Abbygale J. from South Cotabato says “I want to become a flight attendant in the future, and I never expected to be here today, but I am so glad because this is a big experience that builds my confidence.” And this is echoed by Princess S., from Valenzuela saying “I want to improve my parents’ lives and I can begin by pursuing my dreams.” They are starting to grow into their beauty, and we believe that we can make them shine even more. With salon beautiful hair by Rejoice, confidence only Whisper can give and with Olay to empower them to challenge everyday, the girls are prepared to take on anything the world has to offer.

With the end of high school, they are now following their hearts and pursuing their dreams to become professionals in the future. Everl B. from General Santos City says “I will be taking up Business Administration and I will do my best to finish school while working to help my parents,” and adds “this experience helps me ready to face college and any challenge that comes along.” Similar to her sentiments, Jazel Ann R. from Pampanga says “I want to finish my studies while working so I can help my mom, and this is an experience that we can share with each other.”

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the girls will cherish for the rest of their lives. They were stars for a day, and their experience can push them to pursue their dreams with more confidence. With Olay, Rejoice and Whisper, one dream came true for them, meeting KathNiel, the stars that they always thought were unreachable. Because of this, the other stars they yearn for don’t seem so far or impossible.

You too can achieve what these girls have achieved, see them on the Facebook pages of Rejoice, Olay and Whisper or search #gandangdimoinakala and #KathNielmustbelove. Watch Must be Love now and see how Patchot can teach you to start your transformation for a beautiful new you!