Philippine-made campaign goes viral globally and “breaks down every sexist workplace stereotype”—Time Magazine

Pantene Philippines exposes double standards faced by women and
                        encourages women to whip these damaging labels that hold them back from shining.

MANILA, Philippines – When Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012, calls an online video “powerful” and “really worth watching”, the whole world takes notice. She is referring to the Pantene Philippines recent #WhipIt video, which has since gone viral globally. This video illustrates the differences in how men and women are viewed, even if doing the same thing. International website Forbes called the campaign “amazing” and praised the brand for “portray[ing] gender labels effectively.” Yahoo said, “Pantene, the hair-care line that promises women impossibly glossy hair, may not seem a likely supporter of female empowerment, but its recent #WhipIt campaign defines – and criticizes – the double standards that women face at work.”

According to the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report, the Philippines ranks top 8 in the world when it comes to gender equality. Despite this, many women still face labels that hold them back from shining – particularly in the workplace. Women who take charge in the office is called “bossy”, while a man who does the same is simply called the “boss.” Mothers who are passionate about their careers is sometimes judged as “selfish”, while working dads are perceived to be “dedicated”. This was even supported by a recent survey conducted by Rappler. According to this survey, 71% of Filipinos believe that when jobs are scarce, men deserve employment more than women. And it is also interesting to note that 54% of women themselves believe that women who work tend to be pushy. At the same time, career women also have a more difficult time having the confidence to voice out their opinions in the workplace - 70% of men think that women should downplay their personality in order to be accepted.

Pantene Philippines recognizes that these labels hold women back from achieving success, happiness, and fulfilment. Staying true to Pantene’s purpose of helping women shine, Pantene and BBDO Guerrero created the #WhipIt movement. It empowers women to whip away the damaging labels that hold them back from shining as exemplified in the much talked about online video.  Pantene continues to support women and spearheads this movement to inspire them to be strong and shine.

Currently, the locally produced #WhipIt video has reached over 9 million views as of December 19 on YouTube with overwhelming positive feedback from men and women around the world. Other global news and forum sites Forbes, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Elle, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Jezebel and AdForum also cited the powerful video as a breakthrough in putting gender biases at the forefront. It has caught the attention of empowered women like Daphne Oseña-Paez & Katie Couric, and women’s rights groups like UN Women. Many women have been praising the campaign, citing their own experiences with these damaging labels.

The insight behind this video has clearly “hit a nerve” according to ABC World News Tonight and “hits scarily close to home” according to Huffington Post US. Given the massive positive feedback on this proudly Pinoy campaign, Pantene markets around the world will begin to reapply the Philippines’ #WhipIt campaign. In an email to Ad Age, a spokesperson from P&G confirmed that women from other countries will see the video promoted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as part of Pantene’s global “Be Strong & Shine” campaign.

Have you been called bossy, pushy, selfish or vain? Watch the Pantene Philippines video by searching “Pantene #WhipIt” on YouTube.

Don’t let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine. Whip it.