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P&G Philippines Celebrates 70 Years

1920 First Sales Force Organized

The first Retail Sales and Delivery vans

1924 P&G Buys Copra-Buying Company P&G Trading Company

P&G established its own Copra-buying outfit in Cebu called the P&G Trading Company. Coconut oil was used for P&G brands.

1935 P&G Buys PMC As Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Second Outside North America

Large amounts of capital poured in and new machinery was installed. At this time, there were a total of 500 employees in the Company.

1941-45 Japanese Soldiers Take Over the Plant and Its Operation

WWII put a stop to all business operations in Manila. The Japanese took over the production of the plant until they ran out of fuel oil. By the end of the war, the plant was completely destroyed.

1948 Advertising Is Introduced

In 1948, PMC started advertising through radio, posters, billboards and print ads. The Company used trucks equipped with screens and mobile film projectors to parade around each town playing music and announcing the movie to be shown that night at the plaza. At sundown, the townsfolk would come, bringing their own chairs. During the show, while changing reels of film, a PMC commercial would flash on the screen followed by an invitation to buy PMC products at special prices.

1950 Camay, the First Beauty Soap, Is Introduced

Camay soap had such a high-profile status that the first case of Camay was sent to Philippine President Elpidio Quirino.

1951 R&D Is Established

In 1951, the Tondo Plant celebrated its achievement of the first million hours without any disabling accident. The Product and Development Department was established inside the Plant.

1953 Brand Management Is Established

In 1953, Brand Management was established. PMC was the pioneer in the Philippines on Brand Management. Filipinos were promoted to Senior Management positions.

1954 PMC Produces Its Own Commercials and Sponsors the First Soap Operas and Singing Contests in the Country

Back then, the Company produced its own commercials. It also owned and produced popular amateur singing contests, and sponsored soap operas.

1957 Tide, the Country's First Synthetic Detergent, Is Introduced

1964 P&G Trading Consolidates With PMC to Form the Procter & Gamble Philippine Manufacturing Corporation

In 1964, P&G Trading consolidated with PMC to form the Procter & Gamble Philippine Manufacturing Corporation. The General Office transferred to the Makati Business Center.

1987 P&G and Vicks Merge to Become P&G Philippines, Inc.

1995 Johnip G. Cua Is Appointed First Filipino General Manager

1996 Modern Plant in Cabuyao

The Tondo Plant was closed and a new one in Cabuyao was built. The new plant had more modern equipment, more manufacturing lines and more space to accommodate the distribution center. Currently, Cabuyao accommodates about 2,600 people.

2003 P&G Philippines Is Voted 2nd Best Employer of the Year

In 2003, we were named the "No. 2 Best Employer of the Year" by the Hewitt Group and Asia Business Week. Back in 1990, we were also named "Best Employer of the Year" by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines.

2005 70th Anniversary of P&G Philippines

2006 James Lafferty Is Appointed General Manager of P&G Philippines