Disaster Relief at P&G

P&G’s commitment to help rebuild lives after widespread disasters is a natural expression of our Purpose to improve lives. Through our people, our products and our partners, we rely on our strengths and our disciplined process to ensure that all of our efforts—both immediate and long-term—are making a meaningful difference.

Our global disaster response approach focuses on responding quickly and effectively. Within hours, we are also in contact with government agencies and our humanitarian partners to understand the scope and impact of the crisis, and how best to respond. Our first concern is for the safety and welfare of our employees. Once we are sure of their safety, we work with our partners to bring relief to communities impacted by the disaster.

One immediate way we often help is to provide P&G Purifier of Water packets. Natural disasters can leave places that typically have safe drinking water suddenly without it. These packets transform dirty, unsafe water into clean drinking water in 30 minutes, so they can be very useful in times of crisis. We have worked closely with several of our partners to deploy P&G packets around the world, making them available when needed.

In addition to cash donations, we often provide products and in the event of large scale disasters, we have developed mobile relief units to provide products and services directly to those in the most highly impacted areas. From our soap and personal hygiene products to our laundry, diaper and cleaning products, our brands can help restore a sense of normalcy to the disrupted lives of those caught in the aftermath of a disaster.

P&G’s Recent Disaster Response Efforts

Responding to Flooding in Nigeria

In 2012, when floods hit several states in Nigeria, massive devastation impacted several communities across Nigeria and thousands of families were rendered homeless. To help these families recover, P&G made an emergency donation of P&G hygiene brands including Always, Pampers, Safeguard, Ariel and Oral B to families in relief camps in Kogi State. To support the efforts of the Nigerian government towards overall rehabilitation, P&G also made a financial donation to the Presidential Committee for Floods Relief and Rehabilitation.