Local Social Responsibility Programs

For more than 20 years, P&G brands and people have touched and improved consumers’ lives. Our commitment extends to our social investments. P&G is dedicated to providing everyday basics that help create the experience of home and improve everyday health and confidence for people in need. Our people and our brands are our greatest assets and together, they are a tremendous force that can make an impact that matters.

Always School’s Program

Our Always Feminine School program was begun over 20 years ago in Kenya and is now run in Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. Annually the program reaches over 700,000 girls with education on feminine hygiene, puberty and menstruation. We also sample each girl with some Always sanitary towels. The program is run using trained nurses who not only offer information on usage and disposal but also answer questions that the girls may have. In most countries where we ran the programs, we do so in partnership with the various Ministries of Education who support the program.

Pampers Baby Care Hospital Program and Mobile Clinics

The Pampers hospital’s program has been running for about 10 years beginning in Kenya. The program has spread to Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Ghana. Every year the program educates over 1 million mums with information on nutrition, immunizations and vaccinations. The program is ran with trained nurses who also advise mums as well as answer any questions and concerns they may have.

The mobile clinic program begun in 2012 in Kenya and Uganda and together reaches over 300,000 women. The program is run is targeted at rural or semi-urban communities in which several new mothers lack easy access to healthcare facilities. We provide the mums a platform where their babies can be checked, immunized and weighed- thus bridging a health care gap. This program is also run in partnerships with the Ministry of Health who attest to the contribution the program is making on increasing the number of children with full immunizations as per the immunization schedule.

Always Keeping Girls in School

Each year, more than 2,000,000 primary school going girls in Sub Saharan Africa are forced to stay away from school for up to 4 days a month for reasons well away from their control. Due to widespread inaccessibility to hygienic sanitary pads many disadvantaged girls opt to stay at home, or even drop out of school, to spare themselves the frequent discomfort and embarrassment associated with going through menstruation minus proper sanitary wear.

The impact of this absence from class can be immense. For the girls, the 4 days a month easily translates into I month out of class, poor performance and demotivation which often leads to the girls dropping out of school all together. On a national level, the impacts are equally dramatic. A study conducted by the UN and found out that there is a direct correlation between educating women, and a decline in child mortality rates. In Kenya, for example, for every 1,000 girls with an additional year of primary education, 45 infant deaths and 2 maternal deaths can be averted.

Together with the Ministry of Education and various partners including Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) and Girl Child Network, P&G has provided over 6 million pads to help keep girls in school. So far over 100,000 girls have received the free supply of pads for at least two full school years. The program selects schools in pockets of poverty, arid and semi arid areas as well as in slum areas and provides pads to girls in their last 2 years of primary education.

P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program

The Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW) which has so far provided over 35 million liters of safe water in Kenya, thereby helping to reduce the incidence of childhood death caused by drinking unclean water.

P&G Sports Legacy Campaign

In 2012, working together with the National Olympic Committee of Kenya, P&G has distributed 150 sports kits which have benefited over 200,000 primary school children. The distribution is part of P&G’s global commitment to support youth development through sports. The sports kits are meant to promote team sports and include basketballs, netballs, rugby balls, nets, hibs, referee uniforms, chalk and pumps.

Safeguard Schools Program

Though partnerships with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and Education, Safeguard has been conducting hand hygiene education throughout Kenya reaching over 400,000 school children teaching them proper handwashing techniques.

Employee volunteering programs

P&G employees volunteer on charitable projects, giving back to the communities where we live and work.