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Ariel is the flagship brand for P&G Egypt; it was introduced into the Egyptian market in 1986. Since then, Ariel has been the number-one detergent in the Egyptian market, designed to meet demanding lives. During its 20-year Egyptian journey, continuous upgrades and innovation led to Ariel's becomimg the country's most technological detergent, enabling it to capture the minds and hearts of Egyptian consumers.

The Ariel famous golden coin promotion, followed by the Omra campaign,is what makes Ariel the brand of the Egyptian people. Ariel Egypt is a brand that is considered a "Love" mark inside Egyptian consumers' minds and hearts.


Bonux brand was launched in Egypt in October 2006, targeting consumers looking for more value for their money. Bonux is all about making the smart choice. Its 3-in-1 formula gives the consumer cleaning, scent and saving in just one detergent. Bonux plays an important role in addressing a large segment of consumers who are practical in their choice of detergent. Bonux is currently available in three scents (Lemon, Fol and Active Fresh).


Braun is a leading global manufacturer of small electric appliances. Founded in 1921 by Max Braun, Braun products are world-renowned for their design, quality and innovative ingenuity. The range comprises some 200 products in 10 categories: electric shavers, epilators, food processors, coffeemakers, irons, infrared ear thermometers, blood pressure monitors, hair-care appliances, electric oral-care products, clocks and calculators. Braun has become the global market leader in five of these categories.Braun manufactures many of its appliances at its own production sites in Germany, Ireland, Spain, Mexico and China. Approximately 250,000 units leave its plants every day. The close-knit P&G sales network assures that Braun products can be purchased virtually all over the world.


Downy was first launched in Egypt in 1999, delighting consumers who can go an extra mile for a better washing experience. Considered by many consumers to be generic fabric- softener brand, Downy created the platform for the fabric softener market in Egypt. In fact, the Downy consumer base stretched from automatic washing machine users to include non-automatic washing machine users. Most recently, Downy established itself as the most admired fabric softener in Egypt after the launch of Ariel with Touch of Downy.


Fairy was launched in Egypt with a line-up of sachets and bottles suiting the wide range of Egyptian consumers. Since then, Fairy has been enabling family life and delighting its consumers with a unique formula that is strong on grease and still mild on hands. In 2016, Fairy evolved into Fairy Ultra bringing to Egypt the #1 dishwashing liquid brand with even better grease cutting power and far superior value creation for our consumers.


Tide entered the Egyptian market in the 1990’s as a non-automatic laundry detergent, and with the turn of the century Tide launched its automatic variant, meeting the needs of the Egyptian consumers seeking good cleaning at an affordable price. Since day one, Tide came closer to Egyptian mothers through being their ally at times when they need help the most to present their families at their best. Tide also managed to share with Egyptian families happy moments of celebration,such as Ramadan and Mother’s Day,with special offerings. Tide plays an active role in contributing to the community that helped it become the second-biggest detergent in Egypt; its most recent event was a contribution to help get the equipment needed for the Childrens Cancer Hospital.