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Pampers & Unicef protects the lives of all Egyptian new born babies

July, 2009: After the outstanding success last year in availing 1.7 million capsules of Vitamin (A) for Egyptian babies, Pampers-Unicef crowns this success with re launching the campaign for the second consecutive year hoping to reach all Egypt's newborns doubling its last year's achievement. The slogan of the Campaign is "1 pack of pampers = 1 dose Vitamin (A)" in the framework of combating the Vitamin (A) Deficiency.

Last year's success was shared with Karima Moukhtar, the renowned mother figure of the Egyptian Drama and Dr. Muhammad Ref'aat, the Script Writer and the famous Child Care Expert. Both celebrities participated in last year's Campaign in covering more than one third of Egyptian babies.

This Year Karima and Ref'aat participate for the second year along with two new Campaign ambassadors: Mona Zaki, the young talented Egyptian mother and actress and Mo'ataaz El Demerdash, the famous TV presenter of Al Mehwar's "90 Daquiqua".

Mona and Mo'ataz were encouraged by last year's results and did not hesitate to participate in this year's Campaign when were invited. Mona Zaki expressed her honor and pleasure to participate in protecting the lives of our babies. As a mother of a six year old baby girl "Lily", she stressed on the importance of Vitamin A to the health of babies and wished that this Campaign could achieve its target.

El Demerdash stated how proud he is of such as campaign that represents an exemplary partnership between the private sector represented by Pampers and an international Organization like the UNICEF. He further expressed his honor to take part in this noble campaign and urged on supporting replicating such fruitful partnerships for the welfare of the Egyptian Society. He also called for action from the Press and media in Egypt to support this campaign which targets the welfare of Egypt's kids, i.e Egypt's Future.

Karima Mouktar, has been representing the kind, tender and caring mother for years on the screen, and this is no different from reality. She participated last year in protecting the lives of Egyptian babies. And this year, Karima is reaping the fruit of what she saw, and she expressed her happiness with last year's achievements and hoped that this year the campaign can top its success by providing Egypt's newborns across the country with Vitamin A.

From the expert's perspective, Dr. Muhammad Ref'aat, the famous Child Care expert was keen on sharing Pampers-UNICEF Campaign the pleasure of protecting the lives of the Egyptian babies. He was pleased with last year's results and hoped to double the results this year. Dr. Ref'aat assured how essential and crucial Vitamin A is for the wellbeing of the human body and focused on the importance of giving the babies the doses twice in the first two years of their lives, once at the age of 9 months and another one at the age of 18 months due to its effectiveness in the growth of the babies, in strengthening their immune systems and in protecting them against infectious diseases. From the UNICEF's side, Gillian Wilcox, the Deputy Representative of the UNCEF in Egypt confirmed the importance of uniting efforts to combat Vitamin A Deficiency: "As the world's leading organization for children UNICEF recognizes that the challenges we face in the world today are too great to be managed by governments or by non-profit or by private enterprise alone. Partnerships are critical to deliver results for children and we welcome Pampers continued support towards eradicating and preventing Vitamin A deficiency in Egypt

Muhammad Sultan, Procter and Gamble Egypt and Near East, confirmed that Pampers-Unicef this year is capitalizing on last year's investment. Sultan focused on the importance of sustainability of any community effort and that the partnership with Unicef is a long term one. Sultan also highlighted the efforts made by Pampers and UNICEF to protect the lives of millions of children around the world as well as on the benefits of Vitamin A for the human wellbeing.

All four celebrities thanked Pampers-UNICEF for the painstaking efforts in protecting the lives of the babies of Egypt and wished the campaign the best of luck in achieving its target for this year and for more years to come.