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"Behind Every Success...A Woman Always Choosing the Best"

Essam Al Hadary & Spouse Featured in a New Advertising Campaign

Ariel reveals Essam Al Hadary and his wife Sabrine Reda as the stars of its new advertising campaign; launched on the 21st of May 2010; that aims to shed the light on the important role that women play in the success of their families.

The Woman is the number one driver that enables and inspires her family by assisting and supporting them in all aspects of life in order to bring out the best in them. Ariel genuinely believes that power lies in the woman's choices; how she makes decisions and what she chooses makes the world of a difference to her family and directly impacts their everyday lives.

When asked about the secret behind his success Essam Al Hadary stated that "Sabrine's determination and rightful choices inspired and enabled him to be the number one African Goal Keeper as well as maintaining his successful football career. Her keenness on creating a peaceful family atmosphere free from minuet disturbances; has not only inspired me to reach such an unprecedented place in the Egyptian football fans' hearts; but also enabled me to excel and always strive to be the best".

On the other hand Sabrine described Essam as having a heart of gold and that even after all the fame and fortune he has not changed; he still has a kind heart; that carries the ability to love life, his career, his success as well as holding on to his dreams and ambitions; all while always managing to place family as his top priority". She also added that she considers Hadary's success is a reflection of her successful choices.

Tamer Hamed, Associate Director of Fabric and Home Care at Proctor and Gamble stated that ARIEL's new campaign portrays the importance of a woman's role in her family's life through featuring Al Hadary and Sabrine's success story; by highlighting that "Behind Every Success...A woman Always Choosing the Best!". It is through the small choices that a woman makes every day that she is able to inspire and enable her family. This merely dictates that a woman is the number one wise, protective and trusted savior of her family and through her everlasting role she should be praised and appreciated everyday; not only by being part of the success but by her family acknowledging that she is the main inspirational enabler behind their success.

Tamer added that throughout the years Ariel has always been committed to support women in their important role in enabling and inspiring their families towards success and it will continue to empower women towards fulfilling this important role.