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Fashion & Beauty Uncovered with Head and Shoulders

With the purpose of bringing together the glamorous mix of hair and fashion, Head & Shoulders brought to the Middle East consumers the hottest fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2007 in the first Fashion Club House in Egypt,

Through a special fashion segment at the event featuring some of the biggest international brands including Mango, Axara, +IT, Promod, Karen Millen and CCDK, Head & Shoulders introduced the latest trends for hair covering this season, consisting of veils, scarves, hats and bands. Head and Shoulders dazzled the audience with living examples of how to cover hair while staying wonderfully trendy and fashionable. The H&S show portrayed its understanding of local tastes and needs in the beauty and fashion world.

Knowing well the importance of hair to a complete any look, Head & Shoulders unveiled its new line of Covered Hair Fashion Solutions and the new Head & Shoulders Tea Tree variant. Head & Shoulders Tea tree is the latest technology from Head & Shoulders bringing back shine and vitality to the hair under any head covering. This Variant ensures that the latest hair covering trends can be applied without worrying that the hair’s vitality will be lost.

The night of glamour and beauty did not end there as the renowned singer Yara, the new Head & Shoulders ambassador in the Middle East, took the floor. With her genuine beauty and smart sassy attitude, Yara stood as the icon for the Head & Shoulders ideal. She sang to the elite crowd from a voice that originates from deep inside her heart encompassing the message of Head and Shoulders that beauty comes from the heart of the hair.