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Under the Auspicious of the Minister of Social Solidarity Tide and Resala Launch "Granting ½ million Deprived People Eid Garments"

In a huge press conference and under the auspicious of H.E Dr. Ali Moseilhy, Minister of Social Solidarity, Tide and Resala launched a nation wide charity campaign under the slogan: "Granting ½ Million Deprived People Eid Garments". The campaign was launched triggering the start of collecting 500,000 pieces of garments to be granted to the deprived families in Resala's "youm El Kessaa", (Garments Fair)., corresponding Ramadan 29th, right before the Eid, where the famous Egyptian Singer Hakim will be the Ambassador of the Campaign.

The campaign will be launched in Cairo and will take place throughout August and September. This great effort will be a corporate responsibility embodiment as every pack of tide will be donating part of its proceeds to buying these garments. It is further an embodiment of the consecration of the efforts of the Egyptian citizens in collecting and granting the Eid garments to these deprived families. The campaign also sheds a light on the vital role of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), as Resala will be distributing the Garments through its 50 branches stretched across Egypt in "Youm El Kessaa" on the 29th of Ramadan.

Muhammad Sultan, General Manager of Procter and Gamble, Egypt and Near East, expressed his pleasure for cooperating with Resala, the biggest Charity across the country, in launching the "Granting ½ Million Deprived People Eid Garments" campaign. Sultan further expressed his pride for the fact of the campaign being launched under the auspices of the Minister of Social Solidarity.

Dr. Sherif Abdul Azim, Resala's Board Chairman, expressed his happiness for such a fruitful cooperation with the private sector, assuring the importance of the support provided by the private sector to the Civil Society Organization in the process of the community development.