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Start tomorrow today, Procter and Gamble quest to kick off youth business life

Proctor& Gamble Egypt launched the Equity Quest Business course, the first of its kind, as part of the company’s initiatives to enhance youth capabilities and sharpen their skills. This project is a new addition to the list of corporate social responsibility projects that P&G has been working on ever since it was founded in 1986.

The program was launched in private and public universities covering the entire Near East Region (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria) where interested students apply for the chance of getting early exposure to real business life.

“In this multi-functional business case study, students will have to analyze data for one of Procter & Gamble’s brands, recommend strategies and plans for it as if they were the real brand team. Finally, during a big event, teams present their results before P&G directors who will select the winning team”, says Mohamed Samir, General Manager for Procter & Gable Egypt and Near East.

The three-full-days event is fully sponsored by Procter & Gamble and comprises various presentations exposing students to different models in marketing, sales, customer services and finance fields.
This year, P&G sponsored 30 students from 8 different campuses across Near East. They were divided in 6 groups, with P&G managers acting as facilitators and trainers for the 3-day span. They help the selected brands become the students’ own business throughout the project, as they deal with real case studies and issues to solve.

Winners are students who perform strongly during the event and who will be awarded an internship or a full-time job in P&G, offering a golden chance to prepare for the actual business environment.

“The event comes in line of the company’s long lasting policy of developing the communities where it operates. We couldn’t think of better than the youth to carry out this development”, said Ahmed El-Zoghby Procter & Gamble Human Resources Director.

“I believe I am extremely lucky to be part of this event from P&G, as they helped me see real business practices and compare it to the theories we study. I’ve learnt in various fields apart from engineering, got exposed to P&G managers who helped us a lot in guiding our thinking”, said Mootaz Moussa, engineering student from Ain Shams university.