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Procter & Gamble-Egypt Leads the Call to Create An Egyptian Corporate Alliance For Development

During The 1st Forum of The Participatory Development Program Under the Auspices of Dr. Aly Moselhy/ Minister of Social Solidarity

Dr. Aly Moselhy- Minister of Social Solidarity inaugurated the First NGO Forum and exhibition organized by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Amid an unprecedented conglomeration from 120 Egyptian NGOs demonstrating their activities and products in addition to 10 top business private corporations reporting their experience with activating their corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Egypt, the event presented a panoramic overview of the social work in Egypt.

In a gesture highlighting the vital role played by the private sector in the development process through the implementation of different CSR programs Procter & Gamble-Egypt called for the necessity of the private sector participation in all the activities of the forum. Accordingly,The participatory Development Program immediately responded to the call made by Procter & Gamble-Egypt by expanding the scope of the call to include other Egyptian private companies to support the civil society associations and act as a pillar in the collaborative efforts aiming at the development of the Egyptian society via a unified body that can help in dividing the roles and responsibilities to maximize the community benefits.

According to a suggestion made by Procter & Gamble - Egypt, The Participatory Development Program organized a special lecture about “Corporate Social Responsibility and the private sector’s role in the development process”. The private sector responded immediately, and Microsoft, Shell, Vodafone together with P&G-Egypt presented their CSR experiences in the forum.

In his address to the forum, Mr. Khaled Hegazy, External Relations Manager of Procter & Gamble-Egypt launched an appeal made by the company to form a corporate alliance aimed at supporting ongoing developmental efforts in Egypt. In his speech, Mr. Khaled Hegazy stressed on the fact that time has come for private sector companies to work hand in hand towards achieving one goal uniting them, i.e. Egypt’s development.

Procter & Gamble identified in its primary vision of the targets and work program of the Alliance in the following points: raising the general awareness about the importance of private sector participation and conceiving it as a main partner with the Government and the Civil society, calling for a magnified partnership for development between the private & public sectors and spreading the sense of responsibility between Egyptian private sector companies.

Concerning the work agenda of the Alliance, Procter & Gamble – Egypt suggested that it could agree on one or more developmental causes, which will be supported on annual basis. P&G further stressed on the importance of activating scientific research in what relates to CSR in Egypt, granting a national award for the best corporate citizen, dedicating special areas in the national newspapers and on the internet to CSR activities, as well as issuing a periodical publication to highlight the different activities of the private sector in the field of development.

Commenting on this historic initiative, Mr. Mohammed Samir, General Manager of Procter &Gamble-Egypt said: “This initiative comes as the embodiment of a new phase marked by a deep understanding to our role in developing Egypt. We believe it is no longer possible for us to work on development and CSR separately. It has become a necessity to unify the efforts of the private sector, to work with the public sector and the civil society and the international organizations to achieve a real development long awaited by our society. At Procter & Gamble-Egypt, we do believe that this type of partnership doubles the benefits received by our community, and provides what won’t be achieved by the private sector alone or the civil society alone.”

Within this context, it is expected that next December shall witness the launching meeting for the Egyptian Corporate Alliance for Development in response to the call first made by Procter &Gamble-Egypt and with the attendance of representatives from the private sector, the civil society and the media.