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Pampers Expert Center activities on the occasions of Mothers day

Pampers Expert Center hosted the renowned pediatrician – Dr. Mohammed Refaat – who spoke in a symposium entitled “the secrets behind successful nurture of children”. Dr Refaat tackled how a mother can contribute to developing her child’s capabilities starting from the first month of age through simple exercises that any mummy can do. For example, to strengthen visual skills, a mother can slowly move her head so her child follows her with his eyes, which develops his optical capacity.

Dr. Refaat, confirmed that a mother can even boost her child’s linguistic capacity starting from the first month of age by just talking to him/her, or relating to how she feels and thinks and she will instantly observe how much will he/she show signs of response by producing unidentifiable sounds representing his/her response to the mother’s talk. As for developing the child’s memory, it could be started since the 2nd month of age by training the child to use his/her senses in remembering a toy by making him/her feel it with his/her hands in addition to seeing it as well.

He further added that a child develops far more quickly than a mother might think. Henceforth, a mother should observe this aspect and her child’s behavior accordingly. In the third month of age, a child develops a skill named “the initiative skill” whereby he/she starts to show signs of an independent behavior by initiating the action and waiting to see the reaction of the mother. For example when a child laughs, he/she expects that the mother will smile. Such response from the mother is very important as it deepens the child’s self-confidence, and makes the mother aware about everything concerning the different phases marking her child’s development starting form day one.

Pampers Experts Center is one of many activities undertaken by Pampers, within its social responsibility towards parents for child's care and development.