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Winning the Hearts of Egyptian Consumers

The Beginnings: Building the Foundations of Greatness

The development of Egypt’s industrial sector and economy in the 1980s beckoned Procter and Gamble invitingly to Egypt. In 1986, Procter & Gamble Egypt, the Egyptian limited liability company, was finally established, and it built its factory in 6th October Industrial City. The factory produced two brands, Camay and Crest®, and had a modest capital of 12 million Egyptian pounds and a workforce of 50 people.

Growing With Egypt, Growing Egypt

During a 20-year journey, Procter & Gamble Egypt’s escalation was firm: Manufacturing facilities grew to cover more than 100,000 square meters, taking the original 12- million-pound investment to the current figure of 1.25 billion Egyptian pounds, and placing the Company among the country’s leading foreign direct investors.

With these huge expansions, Procter & Gamble Egypt's production level and development have been immense. In 1990, P&G Egypt constructed the biggest synthetic detergent tower of its kind in the Middle East to produce Ariel, the Company's flagship detergent. Brand after brand followed almost annually. Today, the Company manages a portfolio of 14 brands out of the nearly 300 Procter & Gamble International brands.

This high-profile production has taken our ambitions further: In 2000, P&G established a plan to make Egypt the main production center for Ariel for the whole Middle East region. More and more, our Egyptian facilities are becoming the main source of exporting detergents and paper products in the area.

Today, P&G Egypt is the country's biggest exporter of packaged goods, and one of the top-10 exporting companies, exporting to more than 34 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The success behind Procter & Gamble Egypt lies in the passion, excellence, diligence and commitment of its workers. Ninety-nine percent of our workforce is Egyptian. What began with 50 employees has become more than 700 very qualified and talented Egyptian men and women trained according to the most advanced methodologies worldwide, in addition to more than 8,000 people employed indirectly. More than 30 Egyptians have gone on to leading management positions in Procter & Gamble worldwide.

Procter & Gamble Egypt always is in dire need of gifted sons and daughters of the land to carry it to further success, promoting trust and efficiency in the Egyptian workforce and the Egyptian economy, and paving the way for strong economic reform and investment.

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Celebrating Our First 20 Years of Success

In 2006, Procter & Gamble Egypt celebrated its first 20 years of enjoyed success in the country.

We have proudly seen our investments grow more than 100 fold, our workforce increase 15 fold and an exports progression that has escalated around 85 times. We also celebrated the strong affiliations between P&G and the Egyptian government on the mutual objective of economic reform. Twenty years of P&G in Egypt have, above all, celebrated the evident consumer trust in P&G brands.

With this mutual trust with all its stakeholders, P&G has made the strategic and well-thought-out decision to increase investment in Egypt by half of the current level, that is, around 600 million Egyptian pounds over the coming three years.

At the end of 2006, in recognition of its outstanding performance and quality, P&G Egypt was honored with the prestigious National Award for Quality, awarded by Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Industrial Modernization Center (IMC).

Over a 20-year-journey, Procter & Gamble Egypt has proven itself vital to the development of the economy and the lives of everyone involved with the company—individuals, employees, consumers, communities and finally, of course, the indivisible presence that unites it all: Egypt itself. There can be nothing but more success on our way forward.

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