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Capitalizing Our Social Responsibility

As part of Procter & Gamble's continuing commitment to the communities in which it lives and works, driven by the Company's global Purpose, Values and Principles, the Company perpetually develops partnerships aimed at improving the lives of the next generations.

Building the Future

After a long track record of successful Social Responsibility initiatives, we decided at P&G Egypt to move from our current collection of programs toward establishing a focused commitment to building the future of our country.

Our vision is that a better future for Egypt only is possible through enabling and empowering its future builders: the Egyptian children. We will focus our efforts on building knowledge, raising awareness and investing in solutions that help the Egyptian children best live, learn and thrive.

This commitment will be translated into a wide scope of initiatives aimed at improving children’s living conditions, especially the living conditions of disabled children, improving child education and child hygiene, unleashing the full creative potential of children and harnessing their self-expression, and finally, addressing the issue of child labor.

Through this commitment, we intend to contribute to shaping highly aware and responsible citizens, enabling them to actively and strongly contribute to shaping a better future for Egypt.

Sustaining Our Contributions

In addition to offering answers to the immediate needs of our society, we are working to maximize our long-term investment in the development of our society through our Socially Responsible Investments. By sustaining our contributions in long-term initiatives and programs, we plan to leave a legacy that provides consistent, renewable improvement in our country's development.

Through advocating and mobilizing long-lasting partnerships that work toward a sustainable grassroots commitment to our country's development, we intend to maximize the impact of our community actions, and establish P&G Egypt as a major stakeholder of Egypt's growth and welfare.