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Putting Our Commitment Into Action

As part of Procter & Gamble's continuing commitment to the communities in which it lives and works, driven by the Company's global Purpose, Values and Principles, the Company perpetually develops partnerships aimed at improving the lives of the next generations.

Building on the company’s core mission of Touching Lives, Improving Life, Procter & Gamble made the strategic decision to embrace the integrated concept of sustainability: encompassing economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility.

In accordance with our vision, P&G Egypt is very socially active and responsible, with a well-developed portfolio of community projects in the fields of education, health, women and children. Our involvement with our communities not only crystallizes through financial support and donations, but also through direct volunteerism of P&G staff in social activities and initiatives. Some highlights:


Donations to urgent community needs are an important part of our community services. Over the past years, P&G Egypt has contributed cash and in-kind donations responding to the urgent needs of a wide scope of beneficiaries, including victims of the 1992 earthquake, mentally challenged children, cancer patients, orphans, and many local charitable associations and non-governmental organizations.

Our donations portfolio includes the Egyptian Special Olympics Team, Awlady Orphanage, Boulaq Association, Green Land Association, Children's Cancer Hospital and many others.

Sustainable Development

In addition to our various direct donations, P&G Egypt strongly believes in long-term investment in our society through supporting initiatives that not only provide for the immediate needs of our communities, but also help build their capacities and enable them to better address the future.

Through our involvement in long-term projects and initiatives that are aimed at building the capacities of various communities of our society and raising their awareness about selected topics, we aim to empower people so that they can actively contribute to shaping a better future for our country.

At P&G Egypt, we believe in offering more than money: we believe in offering our people's talents. Through direct volunteerism of the P&G Egypt staff, we lend our talents to build the capacities of various publics, varying from schoolchildren to our government counterparts.

Our sustainable development projects portfolio includes: building 50 one-classroom schools in rural areas, building clinics in underserved areas, the Mokattam Non-formal Education Project, the Supporting Talented Children project, the Young Innovators Awards, the Always hygiene awareness school program, the Pampers child and baby development program, providing capacity-building workshops to staff of the Ministries of Health and Industry, and volunteering with the INJAZ school program.

Partnership for Development

In P&G Egypt, we are genuine believers in the power of public/private partnerships. The synergy of partnerships between the government, the private sector and civil society is crucial to achieve a real development of our country. Therefore, we actively promote and mobilize the establishment of sustainable partnerships for development.

Since P&G Egypt's conception, we have developed a wide portfolio of partnerships with the different sectors of society, including the Ministries of Education, Health, Industry and Foreign Trade, the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Volunteers, Save the Children Foundation, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Communication for Healthy Living program, the Egyptian Pediatricians Association, Community and Institutional Development, the Egyptian NGO Support Center and many other civil society organizations.