P&G Supports Modon with Employee Engagement Best Practices

High-level Workshop part of collaboration between the Saudi Industrial Property Authority and Procter & Gamble to support adoption of leading HR practices

Procter & Gamble held its first workshop with the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province this month with the aim of promoting the adoption of best practices in human resources. Led by Fahad Al-Abdulkarim, P&G’s HR Director for the Arabian Peninsula and Pakistan, the workshop hosted twenty-six executives from Modon and focused on employee engagement to inspire employees in the workplace, methods to raise employee retention levels, and lessons to promote peak performance.

P&G and Modon also shared local insights on human resources practices in Saudi Arabia. P&G’s Fahad Al-Abdulkarim shared his insights on how the company has managed to achieve a Saudization rate of 68 percent for its national workforce of 850 plus employees through implementing effective employee engagement policies.

“Procter & Gamble has been an investor in the Eastern Region for many years. They have been able to grow their operations successfully whilst attracting local Saudi talent,” said Eng. Mohammed Al-Habshan, Dammam Second Industrial City Manager, Modon. “We wanted to learn how P&G has achieved this, and to share these insights internally with our own management.”

Founded in 2001 by Royal Decree, Modon is responsible for the development of industrial cities with integrated infrastructure and services. Today Modon oversees more than thirty-two existing industrial cities or projects which are under development across the Kingdom. These developments host more than 3,000 factories and investments worth over 250 billion riyals, as well as 300,000 plus employees.

“We are delighted with the level of Saudization that we have achieved to date, thanks in part to partners such as Modon who have supported the growth and development of Procter & Gamble. We wanted to collaborate with Modon’s management to share best practices, and we were honored to be able to receive the request from Modon to support this workshop and help promote best practices in the Kingdom’s human resources function,” said P&G’s Al-Abdulkarim