Arabian Peninsula Heritage
The Beginnings: Building the Foundations of Greatness

P&G in the Arabian Peninsula at a glance

P&G entered the Arabian Peninsula (AP) in 1956, initially importing Tide detergent to Saudi Arabia and the region. Nine years later, we established our first manufacturing facility in the AP: Jeddah’s Tide Plant. The Jeddah Plant – which represented an investment of around three Million US Dollars at that time – was inaugurated in person by His Majesty King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1965. The Jeddah Tide Plant became P&G’s first manufacturing facility in the Middle East, and the first consumer products plant of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula.

In 1979, we expanded our operations in the Peninsula with the establishment of the Dammam Plant. This second facility, which represented an initial investment of 100 million US Dollars, produces laundry detergents, dish washing liquids and shampoos. Two years later, in 1981, P&G inaugurated a new manufacturing plant in Jeddah to produce baby diapers and feminine hygiene pads, with initial investments of 130 Million US Dollars.

In 2000 P&G established its operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the opening of a four-person office. Two years later, in 2002, P&G established a large raw materials mixing unit in the Jebel Ali Free Zone to service its various manufacturing operations across the region.

Over the past 57 years, and from these modest beginnings, P&G played a pioneering role in developing local industry and national economies across the Peninsula, growing steadily to become one of the region’s biggest investors, exporters and employers. P&G has established itself as one of the AP's most vibrant and successful international companies today.

On the investments front, from three Million US Dollars seed investments in 1956, our investments in the AP have grown to approximately 650 Million US Dollars currently, the majority of which is tied into our two modern, world-class manufacturing facilities that are considered the largest of their kind in the whole of the Middle East.

Our landmark manufacturing facilities in the region don’t just supply the Arabian Peninsula; we export products to more than 50 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe at present. One third of our total production capacity is geared towards exports, and we have exported over 500 Million US Dollars worth of products in recent years.

With regards to employment, P&G today employs around 1250 people across the AP, representing more than 40 different nationalities. Our workforce has grown to some 950 employees in Saudi Arabia, split between our two manufacturing plants, as well as our Jeddah General Office which is the headquarters of P&G’s operations in the Kingdom. Our UAE Jebel Ali Office hosts close to 300 employees. Locally-groomed talents account for more than 60% of our workforce in the region. We pride ourselves not only for our ability to grow local talents to lead our local business, but also for our locally-grown talents whom we have exported to lead P&G operations in the four corners of the globe.

In addition to direct employment, we estimate that our AP operations contribute to creating around 9000 indirect job opportunities in associated services such as advertising, distribution and logistics.

Looking ahead, P&G sees a bright future in the AP. The strong growth of the region, coupled with our deep local knowledge of its markets and our leading brand positions should enable us to serve the consumers of this region with superior products into the very distant future.

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In Touch

In Touch – In the Lead
Since 1955 P&G has built a rich heritage of touching the lives of consumers in the Arabian Peninsula with brands that improve life every day.


A distribution agreement was signed to import Tide with Sheikh Ismail Abudawood. Since then further distribution agreements were signed to in the rest of the GCC markets.


A joint venture company was established to manufacture Tide locally in Saudi Arabia.


Tide manufacturing plant opened in Jeddah.

“What I saw in this place filled my heart with pleasure and admiration, and increased my confidence in the people of our country that, with God’s help, they will reach to the forefront in the march for progress and development. I pray to God to give them strength and perseverance and to make success their ally.”

The words of late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the inauguration of the Tide manufacturing plant.


Another joint venture company, the Modern Industries Company (MIC) in Dammam was established and a new world class plant was opened in 1981.


Modern Products Company (MPC) was established in Jeddah manufacturing paper products and a new plant was opened in 1984.


The opening of P&G Gulf office in Jebel Ali to serve our consumers and customers in the GCC.

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