Bringing the Basics Back to Everyday Life: P&G’s Response in Times of Crisis

At P&G, we integrate responsibility for improving lives into every aspect of our business and operations. This responsibility is at the heart of our Company Purpose and is what drives P&G innovation. It also guides the actions we take to improve the world around us through philanthropic and other efforts. There is no separation between a company’s profit responsibility and its social responsibility. The two must be integrally linked.

As a result, when natural disasters disrupt everyday life, P&G and our Brands respond. We work with relief partners around the world to provide P&G products and services that help people feel more like themselves, that make a temporary shelter feel more like home, and that help people rebuild their lives. We must do well to do good, but we also know that doing good enables us to do well. It is a virtuous cycle.

Through the branded services featured below, and through millions of dollars of product and cash donations, we’ve been able to help people rebuild their lives in Japan, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Haiti and the U.S. over the past year.

Our nonprofit P&ampG Children’s Safe Drinking Water program provides PUR packets, which can make dirty water safe to drink in 30 minutes. In collaboration with relief partners, we've stockpiled PUR packets around the world, for easier access when they’re needed most. Our Duracell Power Relief program distributes thousands of flashlights and batteries in disaster-stricken areas. The Power Relief trailer provides electricity and online access, helping people in places without power to recharge, reconnect and recover. Tide Loads of Hope is a mobile laundromat with over 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers that can clean over 300 loads of laundry per day. Workers wash, dry and fold clothes for families in disaster-stricken areas for free.