Management’s Responsibility for Financial Reporting

At The Procter & Gamble Company, we take great pride in our long history of doing what’s right. If you analyze what’s made our Company successful over the years, you may focus on our brands, our marketing strategies, our organization design and our ability to innovate. But if you really want to get at what drives our Company’s success, the place to look is our people. Our people are deeply committed to our Purpose, Values and Principles. It is this commitment to doing what’s right that unites us.

This commitment to doing what’s right is embodied in our financial reporting. High-quality financial reporting is our responsibility—one we execute with integrity, and within both the letter and spirit of the law.

High-quality financial reporting is characterized by accuracy, objectivity and transparency. Management is responsible for maintaining an effective system of internal controls over financial reporting to deliver those characteristics in all material respects. The Board of Directors, through its Audit Committee, provides oversight. We have engaged Deloitte & Touche LLP to audit our Consolidated Financial Statements, on which they have issued an unqualified opinion.

Our commitment to providing timely, accurate and understandable information to investors encompasses:

Communicating expectations to employees. Every employee—from senior management on down—is required to be trained on the Company’s Worldwide Business Conduct Manual, which sets forth the Company’s commitment to conduct its business affairs with high ethical standards. Every employee is held personally accountable for compliance and is provided several means of reporting any concerns about violations of the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual, which is available on our website at

Maintaining a strong internal control environment. Our system of internal controls includes written policies and procedures, segregation of duties and the careful selection and development of employees. The system is designed to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are executed as authorized and appropriately recorded, that assets are safeguarded and that accounting records are sufficiently reliable to permit the preparation of financial statements conforming in all material respects with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. We monitor these internal controls through control self-assessments conducted by business unit management. In addition to performing financial and compliance audits around the world, including unannounced audits, our Global Internal Audit organization provides training and continuously improves internal control processes. Appropriate actions are taken by management to correct any identified control deficiencies.

Executing financial stewardship. We maintain specific programs and activities to ensure that employees understand their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders. This ongoing effort encompasses financial discipline in strategic and daily business decisions and brings particular focus to maintaining accurate financial reporting and effective controls through process improvement, skill development and oversight.

Exerting rigorous oversight of the business. We continuously review business results and strategic choices. Our Global Leadership Council is actively involved—from understanding strategies to reviewing key initiatives, financial performance and control assessments. The intent is to ensure we remain objective, identify potential issues, continuously challenge each other and ensure recognition and rewards are appropriately aligned with results.

Engaging our Disclosure Committee. We maintain disclosure controls and procedures designed to ensure that information required to be disclosed is recorded, processed, summarized and reported timely and accurately. Our Disclosure Committee is a group of senior-level executives responsible for evaluating disclosure implications of significant business activities and events. The Committee reports its findings to the CEO and CFO, providing an effective process to evaluate our external disclosure obligations.

Encouraging strong and effective corporate governance from our Board of Directors. We have an active, capable and diligent Board that meets the required standards for independence, and we welcome the Board’s oversight. Our Audit Committee comprises independent directors with significant financial knowledge and experience. We review significant accounting policies, financial reporting and internal control matters with them and encourage their independent discussions with external auditors. Our corporate governance guidelines, as well as the charter of the Audit Committee and certain other committees of our Board, are available on our website at

P&G has a strong history of doing what’s right. Our employees embrace our Purpose, Values and Principles. We take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of our financial reporting. We present this information proudly, with the expectation that those who use it will understand our Company, recognize our commitment to performance with integrity and share our confidence in P&G’s future.

Robert A. McDonald
Robert A. McDonald
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jon R. Moeller
Jon R. Moeller
Chief Financial Officer