Global Leadership Council
Robert A. McDonald
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Global Operations

Werner Geissler
Vice Chairman – Global Operations
Deborah A. Henretta
Group President – Asia and Global Specialty Channel
Shannan Stevenson
President – Greater China
Laurent L. Philippe
Group President – Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa and Global High Frequency Stores Channel
Melanie L. Healey
Group President – North America and Global Hyper, Super and Mass Channel
Giovanni Ciserani
Group President – Western Europe and Global Discounter & Drug/Pharmacy Channels
Jorge A. Uribe
Group President – Latin America and Global Club, Cash & Carry Channel
Jeffrey K. Schomburger
President – Global Wal-Mart Team


Dimitri Panayotopoulos
Vice Chairman – Global Business Units
Household Care
Jorge S. Mesquita
Group President – Global Fabric Care
Martin Riant
Group President – Global Baby Care
David S. Taylor
Group President – Global Home Care
Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh
Group President – Global Family Care
Stassi Anastassov
President – Duracell
Charles E. Pierce
Group President – Global Oral Care
Thomas M. Finn
President – Global Health Care
Daniel S. Rajczak
Senior Vice President – Global Snacks and Pet Care
Beauty & Grooming
Virginia C. Drosos
Group President – Global Female Beauty, Beauty & Grooming
Patrice Louvet
President – Global Male Grooming, Beauty & Grooming
Colleen E. Jay
President – Global Female Beauty, Beauty & Grooming
John P. Goodwin
President – Global Braun, Beauty & Grooming
Joanne Crewes
President – Global Prestige, Beauty & Grooming
Adil Mehboob-Khan
President – Global Salon Professional, Beauty & Grooming
Steven D. Bishop
Group President – Global Feminine Care


Bruce Brown
Chief Technology Officer
Shekhar Mitra
Senior Vice President – Corporate Research & Development, Global Salon Professional and Global Prestige
Robert L. Fregolle, Jr.
Global Customer Business Development Officer
Yannis Skoufalos
Global Product Supply Officer
Christopher D. Hassall
Global External Relations Officer
Deborah P. Majoras
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Jon R. Moeller
Chief Financial Officer
Teri L. List
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Valarie L. Sheppard
Senior Vice President & Comptroller
Moheet Nagrath
Global Human Resources Officer
Kirk L. Perry
President on Special Assignment
Linda W. Clement-Holmes
Senior Vice President – Global Diversity and Global Business Services
Filippo Passerini
Group President – Global Business Services and Chief Information Officer
Marc S. Pritchard
Global Brand Building Officer
Philip J. Duncan
Global Design Officer
Joan M. Lewis
Global Consumer & Market Knowledge Officer
Nancy K. Swanson
Vice President – Corporate
The following company officers announced their intention to retire during the 2011/12 fiscal year:
Charles V. Bergh
R. Keith Harrison, Jr.
Robert Jongstra
Edward D. Shirley
Robert A. Steele