Now and for Generations to Come

Sustainability at P&G is fully integrated into our Growth Strategy of improving more consumers’ lives, in more parts of the world, more completely. In order to responsibly achieve our growth goals behind this strategy, we must grow sustainably.

Since establishing our five specific sustainability strategies and goals in 2007, we have made good progress against these targets. We’ve created substantial efficiencies in running our operations with less water and energy, and generating less CO2 and waste. We’ve introduced new products that have more favorable environmental profiles. We’ve increased our employee engagement and external partnerships. Our social responsibility programs continue to improve the lives of children in need around the world.

The future will be challenging for all of us as the world’s challenges grow more complex. At P&G, we are committed to implementing each of our strategies to their fullest, continuing to make meaningful progress toward achieving our goals.

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Strategy 1: Products

Delight the consumer with sustainable innovations that improve the environmental profile of our products.

Develop and market at least $50 billion in cumulative sales of “sustainable innovation products,” which are products that have an improved environmental profile.(1)

Strategy 2: Operations

Improve the environmental profile of P&G’s own operations.

Deliver an additional 20% reduction (per unit of production) in CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water consumption and disposed waste from P&G plants, leading to a total reduction over the decade of at least 50%.

Strategy 3: Social Responsibility

Improve children’s lives through P&G’s social responsibility programs.

Enable 300 million children to Live, Learn and Thrive.(2) Prevent 160 million days of disease and save 20,000 lives by delivering 4 billion liters of clean water in our Children’s Safe Drinking Water program.(3)

Strategy 4: Employees

Engage and equip all P&G employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their everyday work.

Strategy 5: Stakeholders

Shape the future by working transparently with our stakeholders to enable continued freedom to innovate in a responsible way.

Sustainable Innovation Products are included if they have launched in market since July 1, 2007, and have a >10% reduction in one or more of the following indicators without negatively impacting the overall sustainability profile of the product: A. Energy, B. Water, C. Transportation, D. Amount of material used in packaging or products, E. Substitution of nonrenewable energy or materials with renewable sources.
Live, Learn and Thrive (LLT) is P&G’s global cause that focuses our social investments on efforts that improve the lives of children in need ages 0 – 13.
Within Live, Learn and Thrive, our signature program is Children’s Safe Drinking Water. Methodology for calculating diarrheal days and mortality was developed with Population Services International and Aquaya Institute. Details are provided in P&G’s Sustainability Report found at