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Brand Alerts

Olay® Spam Alert

We don't want anyone to be fooled by imposters. All communications from Olay will include our Company address at the bottom of any e-mails we send. Any offer, coupon, sweepstakes or online product for sale will always include links to our Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions, and will be hosted on either our Web sites (i.e.,, or our approved partner Web sites.

Anytime you are not sure if an offer or communication is valid, you should always contact that company.

Our Consumer Relations Department is available to help anyone who has questions about our products and promotions. We encourage you to take the time to ask if you're ever unsure.

IMPORTANT: Olay currently does not require your credit-card information for the purposes of sending any sample or coupon. However, sometimes we do sell products online, but we will state up front what you are being charged for and provide the total amount at the end of the transaction. If a Web site asks you for your credit-card number without giving you a total amount of sale to approve, we encourage you to find out more before sharing your personal information or completing that transaction.

Visit the Olay Web site Customer Alert Page.

Current Valid Offers From Olay:

Our Company Address
P&G Privacy Inquiries
One Procter & Gamble Plaza, C-10 Box 5
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Need to Report Abuse?
All of us need to do our part to prevent others from being taken advantage of. Here are some additional organizations and Web sites that may be of help if you think you may have been taken advantage of.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)*
FTC Online Spam Complaint Form*
Better Business Bureau®*

* These are third-party Web sites. P&G is not responsible for their content.