100 Years of Hair…in 60 Seconds

9 July 2014

Gillette 100 Years of Hair

Introducing the Gillette BODY Razor, the latest evolution in male grooming

Ever since King C. Gillette envisioned a disposable razor that would never need sharpening, the way men shaved was changed forever. This summer, Gillette unveils a video that lets men everywhere know – whether they are just learning to shave, getting the right beard style, or doing a little manscaping – that Gillette has been there every step of the way, making sure they have the right grooming tools for the times.

From an early 20th century man in a full suit, to a man ready to disco-dance the night way, to a man with a fully-shaved chest, this sixty second video uses a stop motion approach to show the evolution of men’s grooming and fashion trends. Filmed from the perspective of a man looking in a bathroom mirror, the video uses clothing, surroundings, soundtracks and hair and shave styles to show iconic trends from each era of the past century, and to spotlight the way grooming habits have played a role in defining each look. The video closes on the man with a fully-shaved chest to highlight the latest male grooming global trend - body shaving - and how the new Gillette BODY Razor is built for the contours of a man’s body.

“Every era has an iconic look – a combination of fashion and grooming choices,” said Francesco Tortora, Gillette Global Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble. “Just as fashion constantly evolves, we constantly refine and engineer our precision products to help men feel and look their best.”

During a recent study, Gillette uncovered insights that show men are more eager than ever to improve their look and hygiene, and to properly prepare for intimate encounters. Body shaving is increasingly part of the routine for 44% of men globally who groom their bodies. Despite the rising popularity of body shaving, men have had limited tools to choose from, with 58% of current body shavers saying a better razor would enhance their body-shaving experience.

The Gillette BODY allows men to tackle the challenging task of body terrain with precision, accuracy, and ease. A unique series of technologies and features help the razor glide comfortably over body contours:

  • Rounded Head for increased maneuverability and total body comfort, adapting to body contours and allowing the razor to move through even the tightest spaces.
  • 3 Lubricating Strips providing outstanding glide for incredible comfort, no matter the region.
  • Ergonomic Anti-Slip Grip for exceptional control, even in the shower, because the last thing you want to do when body shaving is lose control of the razor.
  • 3 Floating Blades for a close, comfortable shave on some of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body.
  • Forward Pivoting Head that easily adapts to body contours.

“With body shaving on the rise,” said Francesco, “we applied our 100+ years of shaving innovation to engineer our first razor specifically built for the terrain below a man’s neck. We are proud to offer a precision tool designed to give men an edge in keeping up with the times.”

Gillette BODY razors are available in specific countries…visit Gillette.com to see if they are available where you live.

Behind-the-Scenes Extra: get an inside look at how the film’s creators used stop motion technology to chronicle 100 years of men’s style in only sixty seconds.

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