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14 November 2014

P&G Announces Duracell Deal with Berkshire Hathaway In line with our strategy to explore all options to exit the battery category, we have announced today our plan to divest the Duracell business to Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway has more than $427-billion in assets under management including investments in P&G and other well-known businesses such as IBM and Coca Cola. P&G will exchange a recapitalized Duracell Company for Berkshire Hathaway’s shares of P&G stock. Berkshire’s stock ownership is currently valued at approximately $4.7 billion.
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Telling the Story of Native American Indians at P&G Storytelling is a big part of the Native American culture, so this November, Native American Heritage Month, P&G’s Native American Indian (NAI) Affinity Team shares their story with us. Native American Indians are people who are part of or descended from any of the aboriginal tribes of the Western Hemisphere. The vision of the NAI Affinity Team is to enable NAIs to bring their whole selves to work, in a way that leverages and respects the NAI diversity of our workplace and supports the communities in which we live.
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Hope in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan One year ago, Super Typhoon Haiyan—the strongest tropical typhoon on record to make landfall—devastated a huge part of central Philippines, claiming thousands of lives and destroying homes and livelihoods. P&G was at the forefront of relief efforts, working with partners to donate P&G products, such as Safeguard, Tide, Joy, Pantene and Pampers. With Save the Children and World Vision, we also provided 25 million liters of safe drinking water through our P&G Purifier of Water technology.
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