Social Responsibility

Improving lives of 50 million people every year

Doing the right thing is the foundation of P&G’s Purpose, Values, and Principles. It is naturally woven into the way we work every day - paying competitive wages, treating our employees and those of our suppliers with respect, preventing conflicts of interest, ensuring consumer privacy, maintaining financial stewardship – this approach to business is at the heart of what it means to do the right thing at P&G.

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Doing the right thing also includes investing in the communities in which we live, work, and serve. At its core, P&G Social Responsibility programs aim to improve lives, which has been the Company’s intention for more than 175 years.

Our Focus Areas

Comforts of Home:

P&G is providing everyday essentials that help create the experience of home for families who can’t afford them or who have been displaced.

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Health and Hygiene:

P&G is supporting hygiene education and everyday healthy behavior changes that prevent illness and improve confidence.

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Through this work, we are leveraging the company’s core competencies to address critical social needs, such as those outlined in the United Nations Millennium Goals focused on housing and sanitation as well as child and maternal health.

Each grant request we receive is carefully evaluated to determine alignment with opportunities where P&G can uniquely add value and to be certain we are investing in sustainable solutions.

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