Product Safety

Our commitment to your safety begins with you.

Since Procter & Gamble was founded over 175 years ago, ensuring the safety of people who use our products, and the safety of the world we all live in, has been at the heart of what we do. This commitment to safety is both our heritage and our future, so we have over 700 in-house experts devoted globally to the environmental safety, human safety and regulatory compliance of all our products and ingredients.

Keeping Your Family Safe

See how we use science to ensure product safety in this two-minute video

Our safety standards for all of our products and ingredients are the same throughout the world. We ensure that our products are safe for their intended use before they even go to market — complying with all laws and regulations where they are sold.

Constant Diligence
Our commitment to safety doesn't stop once our products go to market. We remain diligent in ensuring your safety by continually investigating new scientific information, and collaborating with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new safety methods. We also listen to the people who use our products to confirm they are performing as expected.

Learn more about our safety process and our perspective on ingredients where you may have questions.


Here is more information about the safety of our products and ingredients.

P&G Product Safety Information Web site
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
CPSC Certification Letters
Product Ingredients

More information about the process we use to ensure the safety of our products and ingredients.

Human Safety Brochure (PDF)
Environmental Brochure (PDF)

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    Our process that we use to ensure your safety and the safety of our products before they go to market.
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