Continuing progress to reduce manufacturing waste

Our long-term environmental vision includes having zero manufacturing waste going to landfills. We are focusing our manufacturing waste reduction efforts in three main areas:

  • Working to eliminate or reduce solid waste from production processes
  • Identifying ways to repurpose waste as useful raw materials (“Waste-to-Worth”)
  • Designing more material-efficient delivery systems

We set a ten year goal from 2010 to 2020 to reduce manufacturing waste disposed to less than 0.5% of all input materials. We are on track to deliver our goal with 0.65% of input materials disposed to landfill in FY12/13.

Waste Disposed

Total waste disposed is our key measure to keep waste under control, and it comprises the sum of nonhazardous and hazardous solid waste, plus the strength of effluent measured as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and air emissions. It excludes recycling or reused waste. It also excludes CO2 emissions.

For the past three years, we have delivered reductions in waste on both an absolute and a production-related basis.


Hazardous Solid Waste Disposed
Hazardous wastes are defined by regional policies and local rules, so they vary from region to region. To further reduce our risks, the number of approved hazardous waste disposal sites that all plants use has remained limited. We remain focused on trying to minimize hazardous waste disposal.