A focused effort on conservation and efficiency

Energy Consumption

Our energy efforts are inspired by our long-term vision, which includes powering our plants with 100 percent renewable energy. We can only achieve this by both decreasing our energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable sources of energy. While it will take many years to achieve this vision, stating our intentions enables us to develop long-range plans for realizing our vision, and establishing short-term goals allows us to measure progress along the way. Our goal is to reduce energy usage per unit of production by 20% between 2010 and 2020. Since 2010, we have reduced our energy use by 8% per unit of production. Across businesses, teams have embraced our energy targets targets and integrated sustainability into their daily work. The three strategies for our energy conservation efforts are:

  1. Eliminating losses and encouraging sustainability behavior and culture
  2. Executing specific footprint reduction projects
  3. Ensuring that new initiatives and capacity projects are developed in a smart, sustainable way

The following data contains additional details on our operational efforts.