There are numerous health, safety and environmental requirements worldwide. Plants are subject to safety rules and emission limits with operating requirements that may be embodied in sources such as statutes, regulations, laws and permits. It is P&G’s intent to comply with both the letter and the spirit of statutes, regulations, laws and permit requirements. Identified compliance issues are treated seriously, and all noncompliance matters are resolved as expeditiously as possible.

Notice of Violations (NOVs)

The table lists global data on environmental, transportation, and worker health and safety violations over the past three years.

  2013 2012 2011
Number 43 34 36
Fines $709,061 $93,760 $53,259

The following is a more detailed breakdown of global Notices of Violation (NOV's) for fiscal year 2013.

  Number of NOV's Fines
Water-Based 10 $26,100
Air-Based 6 $7,748
Solid Waste-Based 4 $608,400
Paperwork 2 $365
Transportation-Based 4 $13,027
Other 1 $0
Worker Safety 16 $53,421
Total 43 $709,061