About Interest-Based Advertising

P&G ads marked with– “Ad Choices“, and - are “interest-based” ads. Interest-based ads are advertisements for our P&G family of brands or our advertising partners that we hope you find more relevant to your interests.

We serve interest-based ads according to certain general interest categories or segments that we have inferred based on:

  • The web pages you view and links you click on P&G websites and other companies’ websites that you visit.
  • The P&G brand emails you view and links you click from within the email.
  • Demographic data, including any information you may have provided when creating an account (e.g. age, zip or postal code, gender), demographic or interest data acquired from other companies, and a general geographic location derived from your IP address.
  • Offline purchase data, which may be combined with your online website activity to create a better profile of your interests. For example, if you purchase diapers at the grocery store, you may receive an ad with a coupon for Pampers.

We have designed our systems to select ads based only on data that does not personally and directly identify you.

Please note that we rely on third parties to help us deliver interest-based ads and they may collect information about your online activities, including on P&G and third-party sites, through
cookies, web beacons and other technologies.

You can Opt-out of Receiving Interest Based Advertising from P&G

We respect your privacy.
If you don’t want P&G to show you interest-based ads or to share interest based behavioral data with third parties, you can opt out

  • Some third parties that provide services on our websites also drop cookies. To see the complete list, click here. You may need to use your web browser to periodically clear cookies from some of these companies.
  • Note : Opting out does not mean you won’t see any online ads. It just means that your ads for P&G products won’t be based on your interests. You may still receive interest based ads from other companies where you have not opted out of their cookies or from companies that have not adopted the self regulatory standards for Online Behavioral Advertising.
  • Your browser also provides the ability to delete all cookies from your computer. Note, if you delete all cookies, you would also delete any opt-out cookies that were created to prevent data collection for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Benefits of Interest-Based Advertising

  • Your ads are more tailored to your interests. That means you are more likely to see ads for products of interest to you.
  • You see better, timelier information about P&G products that can help improve your life.
  • You don’t see the same ads over and over again because the number of times you see an ad is limited.

P&G’s Privacy Policy

Trust is the cornerstone of our corporate mission, and the success of our business depends on it. To view P&G’s Consumer Privacy Notice, click here.

P&G complies with the US Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Date Last Modified: This Ad Choices document was created on 2/1/2012.